• January 2020

    Seacology director interviews Cook Islands Prime Minister Henry Puna

    On Wednesday, January 8, Seacology Executive Director Duane Silverstein moderated a discussion with His Excellency Henry Puna, Prime Minister of the Cook Islands. The public forum, held at the Commonwealth Club of California in San Francisco, touched on the Cook Islands’ recent recognition by the OECD as a developed nation, the country’s strategy for dealing […]

  • November 2019

    Kenya projects ensure water security while protecting vital ecosystems

    In prosperous countries, it’s easy to take physical and economic security for granted. But for people in much of the developing world, these things are precarious. Overfishing depletes food supplies and stifles economic opportunity for growing populations, jeopardizing people’s livelihoods. Climate change leads to droughts and storms of increasing frequency and severity. Among the results: […]

  • November 2019

    Project to safeguard lagoon in Philippines wraps up

    Mangroves and seagrass are remarkable plants, which provide outsized benefit to their surrounding environment. They provide shelter and food for marine life and shield coastlines from storms. Perhaps most important, they sequester far more atmospheric carbon than any type of terrestrial foliage. And a recently completed Seacology project protects both of these valuable ecosystems. Manamoc […]

  • November 2019

    Sri Lanka partners win presidential recognition

    Sudeesa, our partner NGO in the Sri Lanka Mangrove Conservation Project, received a prestigious award last month from president Maithripala Sirisena. Sirisena, whose term ended this month, presided over the annual awards ceremony, which recognized Sri Lankan institutions and individuals who have shown stewardship of the island country’s environment. Sudeesa was the only NGO to […]

  • September 2019

    Malaysian activist Peter Kallang wins 2019 Seacology Prize

    Peter Kallang, a member of Sarawak’s indigenous Kenyah community, is the winner of the 2019 Seacology Prize for leading a successful campaign to halt the building of a series of mega-dams on Borneo. The dams would have flooded vast tracts of land, including pristine rainforests, and dislocated tens of thousands of indigenous people. The Seacology […]

  • August 2019

    Remembering Seacology Prize recipient Gina Lopez

    With great sadness we learned this week of the passing of Gina Lopez. A tireless advocate for conservation in the Philippines, Lopez rose to the highest environmental post in her country’s government, only to be removed from the position for sticking to her principles, and for doing her job enforcing neglected environmental laws. She bravely […]

  • July 2019

    Helping a remote Malaysian village resist the devastation of palm oil

    By Chris Wright Malaysia Field Representative “This tree is full of spirits,” said Najib, as we hummed downstream, carving our way just above the water’s surface, in an elongated, carved-wood boat no bigger than your average kayak. In fact, I can remember my father and myself falling into rivers from plastic kayaks that were probably […]

  • June 2019

    David Attenborough narrates video on Seacology’s Sri Lanka project

    Late last year, Seacology’s nationwide mangrove conservation project in Sri Lanka was named a recipient of the UNFCCC Momentum for Change award. One of the most exciting moments of receiving this recognition from the United Nations was finding out that our project would be featured in a video narrated by the one and only Sir […]

  • June 2019

    New projects safeguard diverse habitats, promote sustainability

    Last week, Seacology’s board of directors gave a green light to eight new projects! These partnerships with island communities in seven countries include our first project in Guatemala and a new collaboration with CEBSE, the Dominican Republic conservation group led by last year’s Seacology Prize winner, Patricia Lamelas. They will protect thousands of acres of […]

  • May 2019

    UN extinction report: an alarming wakeup call

    “One million species at risk of extinction.” “World on notice.” “Humans accelerating extinction of other species.” These alarming headlines earlier this month were prompted by the United Nations release of a summary of its upcoming report on the grave threats that human activity poses to the Earth’s biodiversity. The report outlines four main areas of […]

  • April 2019

    In solidarity with the people of Sri Lanka

    Here at Seacology, our hearts are heavy with the devastating news from Sri Lanka. The senseless attacks as worshipers gathered for Easter services, as well as at hotels where families and friends gathered to share a meal, have befallen a nation that has seen far too much tragedy in the past several decades. As the […]

  • April 2019

    Protect the Dominican Republic’s mangrove forests

    For nearly 50 years, Earth Day has brought together communities around the world to protect our planet and raise awareness about what threatens it. This year, you can mark the occasion by directly supporting projects that protect mangroves — key players in the fight against rising CO2 levels — in the Dominican Republic. We want […]

  • April 2019

    Look back on a big year in our 2018 annual report

    Last year was huge for Seacology and for the whole island conservation movement around the world. We won a prestigious award from the United Nations and took part in the world’s preeminent climate conference (COP24, in Poland) for the first time. We launched our 300th project. We both began working in new countries and started […]

  • February 2019

    New projects will protect thousands of acres

    Dugongs in Thailand, apes in Indonesia, pygmy elephants in Malaysia… these are just some of the endangered animals whose island habitats will be protected by new Seacology projects. Seacology’s Board of Directors has approved 10 new projects, on islands spanning the globe. These diverse conservation efforts include our first project in Thailand since 2005 and […]

  • January 2019

    Swiftlets—unlikely champions of the Malaysian rainforest

    What do a Chinese delicacy and protecting Borneo’s rainforest have in common? This may seem like an odd question, but the answer is even stranger: a small bird called the swiftlet. Edible-nest swiftlets (Aerodramus fuciphagus) nest in caves throughout Southeast Asia. Unlike most birds, which build their nests out of plant material, swiftlets make their […]

  • January 2019

    First Dominican Republic projects officially launch

    Thanks to three new Seacology projects in the Dominican Republic, visitors now have the chance to kayak through a beautiful lagoon, see fantastic bird life, or stroll on a boardwalk through a mangrove forest. And local youth are finding new, sustainable livelihoods by guiding tourists. In January, Seacology leaders met with our partners in the […]

  • December 2018

    2018: A big year for islands

    Thanks to the backing of supporters like you, 2018 was a particularly eventful and successful year for Seacology. Here are a few highlights of our work to protect island ecosystems and communities around the world: We launched 18 new projects, including our first ever in Uruguay. We announced our 300th project in June and have […]

  • October 2018

    Dominican Republic’s Patricia Lamelas named 2018 Seacology Prize winner

    We’re excited to announce that Patricia Lamelas, a longtime environmentalist from the Dominican Republic, will be the recipient of the 2018 Seacology Prize! Lamelas has worked with the nonprofit CEBSE, the Center for the Conservation and Eco-Development of Samaná Bay and Surroundings, for more than 25 years. Her voice has been influential in the movement to conserve the rapidly […]

  • September 2018

    Seacology project wins United Nations climate change award

    We’re very excited to announce that Seacology’s nationwide mangrove conservation project in Sri Lanka has been named a winner in the 2018 Momentum for Change climate action awards! Momentum for Change is an initiative under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, seeking innovative solutions to the challenges posed by a changing climate. Our […]

  • August 2018

    Training center for disadvantaged Sri Lankan women opens

    Seacology recently celebrated the opening of a new training center in Sri Lanka’s north. We’ve produced a short video showing how the facility will further our project’s twin goals of mangrove conservation and fostering economic opportunity for some of Sri Lanka’s poorest citizens. The training center was built with funding from the Global Resilience Partnership […]

  • August 2018

    Virtual tour of 10 current Seacology projects

    From Fiji to Malaysia to our first projects in the Dominican Republic, it’s been a busy few months in our mission to protect island habitats around the world. Communities are making lot of progress, which you can see for yourself in this video recap. It highlights 10 ongoing projects in eight countries, with new footage […]

  • August 2018

    Join us for the 2018 Seacology Prize Ceremony, October 4

    Please mark Thursday, October 4th on your calendar for the 2018 Seacology Prize Ceremony, a free event at the David Brower Center in Berkeley, California. Join us to celebrate the courage of an islander who’s taken extraordinary action to safeguard marine and terrestrial island environments. The winner, a grassroots hero to be announced prior to […]

  • June 2018

    A milestone: 300 island projects!

    Last week, Seacology approved nine new projects, bringing our total above 300. We’re excited  not only because we hit an impressive number, but because these are great new partnerships with island communities. They will help to protect nearly 45,000 acres of sensitive habitat and will provide much-needed infrastructure and other community needs. Bangladesh: Sonadia Island […]

  • June 2018

    Protecting parrotfish and reefs on World Oceans Day

    Friday, June 8, is World Oceans Day​—an international celebration of ocean environments and the need to protect them. To mark the occasion, Seacology is officially launching our project on Isla Providencia, Colombia. On this beautiful, remote island in the Caribbean, we’re funding ​a campaign to promote the protection of parrotfish. These colorful fish graze on […]

  • April 2018

    Help Seacology save parrotfish in Colombia

    Celebrate Earth Day by helping to protect threatened Caribbean parrotfish! We’re launching our first-ever crowdfunding campaign today to support efforts to protect theses gorgeous and important fish around the remote Colombian island of Providencia. A healthy population of parrotfish is a matter of life and death for a coral reef. The fish eat harmful macroalgae, […]

  • March 2018

    Visit a tropical island—via video

    Seacology has more than 50 active projects on beautiful islands all over the world, and we’ve put together a quick video tour of a few of them. Take a look at recent project highlights and see how we’re helping island habitats and communities from Southeast Asia to the Caribbean.

  • February 2018

    Seacology launches nine new projects

    Seacology will soon begin nine new projects around the world, including our first in the nation of Uruguay! These new partnerships with island communities will protect more than 7,500 acres of sensitive marine and forest habitats and will fund vital infrastructure and other community needs. Federated States of Micronesia: Peidie Village Protection of 79-acre mangrove […]

  • January 2018

    Keeping beaches clean in Colombia

    Seacology’s first project in Colombia is making great strides toward reducing pollution on and around one of the country’s most beautiful and biodiverse islands. The Rosario Islands lie north of the nation’s Caribbean shoreline, surrounded by sapphire-blue water, barrier reefs teeming with life, and dense mangroves. About 60 miles from the port city of Cartagena, […]

  • November 2017

    Clean power returns to Borneo village

    Borneo, the world’s third-largest island, is shared by the nations of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei. It is home to diverse topography, one of the world’s oldest rainforests, and countless endemic species. (Orangutans!) Seacology has worked to protect habitats on the island since 2001, and this summer launched a project in the island’s Malaysian territory for […]

  • October 2017

    Gina Lopez accepts 2017 Seacology Prize

    “No matter how much money you have, no matter what intellectual or economic theory you have… if it’s not based on a deep foundation of caring and empathy, it’s just not going to work.” This was the message Gina Lopez gave the crowd after receiving the 2017 Seacology Prize. Fighting back tears, she wondered aloud […]

  • October 2017

    Gina Lopez, former Philippines environment secretary, wins Seacology Prize

    In recognition of her untiring environmental advocacy in the face of powerful opposition, Regina Paz (Gina) Lopez of the Philippines has been awarded the 2017 Seacology Prize. Seacology awards the $10,000 prize, now in its 27th year, to someone who has shown exceptional achievement in preserving island environments and culture. “Gina Lopez has shown the […]

  • August 2017

    Tonga sets example for effective local stewardship

    Seacology has worked with communities in the Kingdom of Tonga since 1999. The Polynesian archipelago, comprising 169 islands, provides a model for how local and national efforts to promote marine stewardship can work together. In 2006, Tonga’s environment ministry launched the Special Management Area (SMA) program. Under this model, the country has tried to strike […]

  • August 2017

    RSVP for the 2017 Seacology Prize Ceremony

    Thursday, October 5, 2017 6-9 p.m. The David Brower Center, 2150 Allston Way, Berkeley, CA 94704 Each year, Seacology honors an islander for exceptional achievement in preserving the environment and culture of one of the world’s more than 10,000 islands. Seacology will announce the identity of the 2017 Seacology Prize recipient—a conservation leader who has […]

  • August 2017

    Video tour of recent Seacology projects

    We invite you to take a virtual tour of twelve current and recent Seacology projects: 0:14 Mkwiro Village, Wasini Island, Kenya 0:45 San Salvador Island, Bahamas 1:15 Koldita Island, Chile 1:39 Orika, Isla Grande, Colombia 2:01 Berhampur Island, Chilika Lake, India 2:23 Minicoy Island, India 2:44 Webi Village, Middle Andaman Island, India 3:05 Nukubalavu, Vanua […]

  • July 2017

    Upcoming Bay Area events, volunteers needed

    We invite you to come talk island conservation with us at two events in the Bay Area: • On Sunday, September 10, we’ll participate in the Solano Stroll in our hometown of Berkeley. The annual block party brings hundreds of thousands of visitors together to get to know the neighborhood’s dozens of shops, restaurants, and […]

  • June 2017

    New projects include first in Ireland, Dominican Republic

    Seacology’s Board of Directors has approved 13 new projects, the most in a single meeting since 2005. These partnerships will help protect or restore more than 32,000 acres of island habitat in 10 countries. They include our first-ever projects in the Dominican Republic—three of them—and Ireland. They include our first new project in Malaysia in […]

  • June 2017

    Seacology remains committed to the fight against climate change

    Seacology works only with islands, which are especially vulnerable to climate change. We see, first-hand, the effects that climate change is already having on island communities:  bleached coral reefs, fewer fish, more violent storms, houses and schools lost to the rising sea. Like most national governments, a majority of state governments in the United States, […]

  • May 2017

    Sri Lanka project marks second anniversary

    Last week marked the second anniversary of the launch of the Sri Lanka Mangrove Conservation Project, and the progress over the first two years of this landmark effort has exceeded our expectations. Tens of thousands of acres of existing mangrove forests are now legally protected, hundreds of thousands of mangrove seedlings have been grown and […]

  • April 2017

    2016 annual report: A message from Board Chair Paul Cox

    Seacology’s 2016 annual report, looking back at perhaps the most exciting year in our history, is out now. In this year’s letter to supporters (an abridged version appears in the annual report) co-founder and Chair of Seacology’s Board of Directors Paul Cox reflects on the spectacular growth of the organization he co-founded more than a […]

  • March 2017

    Sri Lanka project wins international funding competition

    The Sri Lanka Mangrove Conservation Project has been named a winner of this year’s Global Resilience Challenge, enabling a major expansion of Seacology’s landmark nationwide project. The competition, hosted by the international Global Resilience Partnership, selected a number of organizations working to bolster communities against climate change and natural disasters in Africa and Asia. The […]

  • March 2017

    Early 2017 projects: video update

    While it would be extraordinarily difficult to visit many of our project sites in person, we’ve tried to offer our supporters the next best thing: we produced a short video tour of the highlights of our active and recently completed projects. Join us for an exclusive look inside 13 recent and ongoing projects, from Kenya […]

  • February 2017

    Seacology launches seven new projects, first in Colombia

    We’re excited to announce that last week Seacology’s board of directors approved seven new conservation projects around the world. These partnerships will protect many hundreds of acres of marine, forest, and mangrove ecosystems, reduce harmful pollution, and help isolated and disadvantaged island communities. Among the species to benefit from these new projects are manatees, humphead […]

  • January 2017

    Save an Acre project in Kenya wraps up

    Seacology has worked with communities on Kenya’s Wasini Island since 2008. In our latest partnership, with the people of Mkwiro village, we’ve helped to simultaneously tackle two environmental challenges: overfishing and coastal pollution. Wasini is an ecological treasure, home to 64 coral genera, more than 250 species of fish, and rich flora including a variety […]

  • December 2016

    Winter issue of Island Update newsletter out

    The latest issue of Island Update, Seacology’s biannual print newsletter is out! In the latest issue, we commemorate Seacology’s 25th anniversary take a look back at our first quarter-century of innovative conservation work and some highlights from our current projects.

  • December 2016

    Seacology’s Duane Silverstein named RGS Fellow

    Seacology’s Executive Director, Duane Silverstein, is exceptionally well-traveled. By our count, he’s visited more than 180 islands in 75 nations in the course of his tenure at Seacology and in his personal travels. Last month, the UK’s prestigious Royal Geographical Society recognized Duane by naming him a fellow in the storied institution. As a fellow, […]

  • November 2016

    Celebrating 25 years of innovative island conservation

    photo highlights | letter from Paul Cox | letter from Ken Murdock Twenty-five years ago, we incorporated Seacology as a charity with a singular focus: to support indigenous islanders in their efforts to save their local environments. I wish that I could claim credit for coming up with the idea of swapping schools, medical clinics, […]

  • October 2016

    Irma Brady awarded 2016 Seacology Prize

    Before an audience of more than 100 Seacology supporters, staff, and Board members, Irma Brady of Honduras accepted the 2016 Seacology Prize last Thursday night. Recounting her early years on Honduras’ Bay Islands and her decades-long career in conservation, Brady thanked her family, her colleagues in the Honduran NGO community, and her hosts for setting […]

  • September 2016

    Devex profiles our community-based conservation model

    Devex, a worldwide organization that seeks to connect global development professionals, recently spoke with Seacology staff, field representatives, and board members, and profiled us in an article, “Ocean conservation starts — but doesn’t stop — with communities.” The well-researched piece details our successful model of involving local stakeholders in environmental conservation to the benefit of […]

  • September 2016

    Stickers now available for donors

    Share your passion for island conservation with one of our new Seacology stickers. For a limited time, we’ll send one to all new donors and any existing donor who makes a gift of $10 or more.

  • July 2016

    Seacology marks big successes in Sri Lanka on World Mangrove Day

    A year into a groundbreaking program to protect all mangrove forests in Sri Lanka by enlisting the help of coastal communities, the news is good. The forests are being protected, and some of the poorest women in Sri Lanka are receiving microloans and job training. The world’s first mangrove museum was officially opened by Sri […]

  • July 2016

    Irma Brady of Roatán, Honduras named 2016 Seacology Prize winner

    Environmental defender Irma Brady of Roatán Island in Honduras is the 2016 Seacology Prize winner, chosen by the Seacology Board of Directors. Over the past two decades Roatán, the largest of Honduras’ Bay Islands, has experienced an unprecedented boom in tourism, and today it is a popular destination for large cruise ships, scuba divers, and […]

  • June 2016

    Seacology launches 10 new projects

    Seacology is launching 10 new projects around the world, including our first ones in Cuba and Peru! This new work, spanning the globe and comprising tens of thousands of acres of protected habitat, will protect endemic species, strengthen fisheries, and support sustainable ecotourism. On Monday, our Board of Directors approved these projects: Cocodrilo, Cuba: Increased […]

  • May 2016

    Seacology partners in PNG win prestigious UN conservation prize

    We’d like to congratulate our friends at Papua New Guinea’s Wanang Conservation Area for being among the 2015 winners of the prestigious United Nations Development Programme Equator Prize! Former Seacology Prize winner Filip Damen has played a key role in the leadership of this successful protected area, and Seacology partnered with the WCA to expand […]

  • May 2016

    A year of historic conservation for Sri Lanka’s mangroves

    It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year, but today marks the first anniversary of the largest and most ambitious project in Seacology’s history. On May 12, 2015, Executive Director Duane Silverstein, and leaders in Sri Lanka’s government and local NGO Sudeesa signed the agreement that established the island nation’s place in history as […]

  • April 2016

    2015 Annual Report released

    It’s hard to overstate how big 2015 was for Seacology. We launched the Sri Lanka Mangrove Conservation Project, the largest and most ambitious project in our history. At the same time we funded 15 other new Seacology projects and continued our support for dozens of active ones. We led guests on adventures to Cuba and […]

  • February 2016

    Seacology Launches Six New Projects

    This week, Seacology’s Board of Directors met and approved six new conservation efforts on islands around the world. From South America to Southeast Asia, these community-driven projects will both help protect vulnerable island habitats and empower the people who depend on them. Among species protected by these initiatives are the Chilean flamingo, marine otter, and […]

  • February 2016

    A Nicaraguan coffee grower thanks Seacology

    In his own words Feliciano Gonzales, a Nicaraguan coffee grower and board member of the Magdalena Cooperative, thanks Seacology and our supporters for our role in protecting Finca Magdalena. Our 2014 investment in a ranger station on the volcanic island of Ometepe allows for greater monitoring of the community-owned reserve that comprises a number of […]

  • January 2015

    Read the winter issue of Island Update here!

    The winter issue of Seacology’s bi-annual newsletter is now available to download here. This edition focuses on our ongoing commitment to our projects that have been impacted by natural disasters and other unforseen setbacks. It also profiles our 2015 prize winner, Lakshmi Moorthy, and recaps the first six months of accomplishments in our Sri Lanka […]

  • January 2016

    Java project site recognized for environmental leadership

    Congratulations to the village of Mandalamekar, Java, which has been recognized by the national government for its leadership on climate change. The Indonesian Minister of Forestry presented an award to Mandalamekar for its management of forests and other natural resources. We’re proud to have played a small role in the community’s success as environmental stewards—Seacology […]

  • January 2015

    Seacology Prize winner donates third of award money to local school

    Following through on a pledge made after winning the 2015 Seacology Prize, Lakshmi Moorthy has donated a third of the $10,000 award to a local middle school in India to assist in building new classrooms and expanding the playground. From The Times of India: MADURAI: The woman from a fishing hamlet in Ramanathapuram, who won […]

  • December 2015

    2015, a big year for island conservation

    Looking back on the past 12 months, we can honestly say that 2015 was one of the most important years in Seacology’s history. We launched our largest project to date, were awarded a prestigious philanthropy prize, brought several new staff members and conservation experts into our organization, and began 15 new projects on islands around […]

  • December 2015

    Remembering Seacology Prize winner Ali Shaibu Shekue

    With great sadness, we learned yesterday of the unexpected passing of Ali Shaibu Shekue, our 2014 Seacology Prize winner. Shekue, known to those close to him as “The Professor,” was instrumental in the development of Kenya’s marine reserves and the promotion of sustainable practices among that nation’s artisanal fishing community. He was a beloved and […]

  • November 2015

    New digs in Belize

    At its meeting in June, the Seacology Board of Directors launched our fifth project in Belize, in collaboration with the Toledo Institute for Development and Environment (TIDE). We’re delighted to announce that the project is already complete! Our investment in additional housing at Big Falls for paying volunteers will help TIDE expand their successful Ridge […]

  • October 2015

    Exceptional donation builds momentum in Sri Lanka

    Seacology’s first-ever nationwide conservation project, which will protect all the mangroves in the island nation of Sri Lanka, received an enormous boost this month: a $1 million gift from a long-time Seacology donor who wishes to remain anonymous. Other Seacology supporters, led by committed board members and Seacology Fellows, have already contributed $1.5 million toward […]

  • October 2015

    Video and photos from the Seacology Prize Ceremony

    On October 8th, more than a hundred Seacology staff, Board members, and supporters gathered to honor Lakshmi Moorthy of India and award her the 2015 Seacology Prize. Here are the profile video we showed at the event and Lakshmi’s acceptance speech, as well as a collection of photos from the evening and her visit to […]

  • August 2015

    Celebrating National Water Quality Month

    Few things are as important to human survival as access to clean water, and in few places is this necessity more precarious than on remote islands. Indigenous islanders can be vulnerable to fresh water shortages, contamination, and damage to water supply infrastructure by natural disasters. At Seacology, we work with communities around the world to […]

  • July 2015

    Read our spring/summer newsletter here

    In May, we published the latest edition of our bi-annual print newsletter, recently retitled Island Update. This issue focuses on Seacology’s ongoing work to conserve mangrove ecosystems, particularly our nationwide project in Sri Lanka. While the print edition is only sent to Seacology donors, you can now read the PDF version online here.

  • July 2015

    India’s Lakshmi Moorthy wins Seacology Prize

    At our June Board of Directors meeting, Seacology’s leadership selected Lakshmi Moorthy of Tamil Nadu, India as the recipient of the 2015 Seacology Prize. Since childhood, Lakshmi has worked in the Gulf of Mannar as a seaweed harvester, a subsistence living for many of the women of her community. In 2002, that livelihood came under […]

  • June 2015

    Seacology launches seven new projects, first in Mozambique

    At their June meeting, Seacology’s Board of Directors approved seven new projects, including our first in the nation of Mozambique. These initiatives will help to protect thousands of acres of combined marine and terrestrial habitat, and such threatened species as dugongs, oceanic mantas, and fishing cats.   Belize: Big Falls Construction of housing for paying […]

  • June 2015

    Duane Silverstein pens guest blog for Tocqueville Foundation

    The Tocqueville Foundation, a French-American partnership that recently named Seacology as a Laureate for the Prince’s Prize for Innovative Philanthropy, has published a guest blog entry by Executive Director Duane Silverstein about our new nationwide project in Sri Lanka. You can read Duane’s piece here.

  • May 2015

    Seacology launches nationwide mangrove project in Sri Lanka

    COLOMBO, SRI LANKA – In a press conference today in Colombo, Sri Lanka, U.S.-based NGO (nonprofit organization) Seacology; Sri Lanka-based NGO Sudeesa (formerly known as Small Fishers Federation of Lanka); and the government of Sri Lanka announced a joint program that will make Sri Lanka the first nation in the world to comprehensively protect all […]

  • May 2015

    Our 2014 annual report is out!

    Our 2014 annual report, which details last year’s new projects, significant updates, and more, is now available for download here. You can also read past reports going back to 2005 at our Annual Reports and Financials page.

  • April 2015

    Celebrate Earth Day with us by becoming an Island Steward

    In celebration of Earth Day, Seacology invites you to join our new Island Stewards program. For as little as $10 a month, you can help keep our work to protect island habitats going strong year-round! Island Stewards will receive special recognition in future annual reports and a gift from one of our project sites for […]

  • April 2015

    Soap for Seacology

    Hand in Hand Soap is a Philadelphia-based company that began in 2011 with a simple but forward-thinking mission: to make high-quality, sustainable bath products while supporting nonprofits that help to secure access to clean water and sanitation around the world. For each bar of soap sold, the company, founded by husband-and-wife team Courtney Apple and […]

  • March 2015

    Ways to help the people of Vanuatu

    People have been asking us how they can help Vanuatu, a beautiful place with gracious people, who have taken such a blow from Cyclone Pam. Our thoughts are there, too—since 2005, Seacology has funded 11 projects on the islands of Vanuatu, including schools, community centers, and water systems, to help the communities there preserve their […]

  • March 2015

    New book profiles Seacology’s work

    Seacology has been featured in a new textbook, Cases in Innovative Nonprofits. Written by Stanford University scholar and lecturer Bruce Sievers and former Seacology Communications Assistant Henry Jones, the book’s 10th chapter describes Seacology’s model of trade-offs with indigenous communities, explains the importance of bringing local stakeholders into conservation agreements, why this model is achieving […]

  • February 2015

    Seacology welcomes new Board member

    In their recent winter meeting, Seacology’s Board of Directors voted to elect Kimberly Leilani Myers Hewlett as its newest member. Myers Hewlett brings a wealth of foundation and nonprofit experience to our organization, currently serving as treasurer of the Myers Family Foundation and a board member of the Flora Family Foundation and as treasurer and […]

  • February 2015

    Board greenlights eight new Seacology projects

    On February 9th, Seacology’s Board of Directors voted to approve eight new projects around the world, including a new foray into Haiti and several others in Southeast Asia and the Caribbean. Antigua “Bottle Bead” women’s livelihood initiative in support of sea turtle conservation San Salvador Island, Bahamas Signage and touch tanks in support of the […]

  • February 2015

    Photos from Ocean Campaign/Project Ø Event

    Here are some photos from the gala put on by The Ocean Campaign (recently renamed Project Ø) event last month. Seacology was honored to be a beneficiary of the event, which featured great performances and appearances by Rolling Stones royalty Bernard Fowler, Alexandra Richards, Tyrone Wood, and Jimmy Jagger.

  • January 2015

    Seacology named Prince’s Prize for Innovative Philanthropy Laureate

    From left: Dr. Paul Cox, Prince Albert II of Monaco, Duane Silverstein FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRINCE OF MONACO HONORS CALIFORNIA-BASED CONSERVATION GROUP SEACOLOGY Nonprofit is 2015 Prince’s Prize for Innovative Philanthropy Laureate MONACO—Jan. 26, 2015—During a ceremony in Monaco today, Prince Albert II named Berkeley, California-based nonprofit organization, Seacology, as a laureate for the 2015 […]

  • January 2015

    Seacology among semifinalists for award from Prince of Monaco

    We’re honored to have been nominated for the Prince’s Prize for Innovative Philanthropy, presented by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and the Tocqueville Foundation in Paris. The award, now in its second year, recognizes original approaches by organizations to address social and environmental challenges. The finalists will be announced later this month. Read […]

  • January 2015

    Mary Randolph joins Seacology as Program Manager

    This week Seacology welcomes Mary Randolph to our staff as our incoming Program Manager. In this role, Mary will be responsible for overseeing the work of our field representatives around the world, coordinating between our California headquarters and our remote project sites. Mary has had a lifelong fascination with wildlife. She earned a B.S. in […]

  • December 2014

    Your holiday Amazon shopping can benefit Seacology!

    Did you know that your holiday shopping can support island conservation at no extra cost to you? Simply click here to designate Seacology as your preferred charity and then continue to do your Amazon shopping through smile.amazon.com. We’ll receive .5% of all eligible purchases you make from that point on, and your Amazon Prime benefits […]

  • December 2014

    Seacology welcomes new southern Africa representative

    We’re excited to announce that we’ve named Harriet Nimmo as our new field representative for southern Africa. In her previous life in the UK, Harriet was CEO of Wildscreen for eight years and was responsible for developing the award winning www.ARKive.org—the world’s leading digital databank of film and photos of endangered species. In 2011 Harriet […]

  • November 2014

    Checking in on Indonesia, Philippines projects

    By Karen Peterson, Program Manager In mid-October, I traveled to meet with Seacology field representatives and visit some of our projects in the Philippines and Indonesia. I was accompanied by Mary Randolph, who will be replacing me as Seacology’s Program Manager in early 2015 (I am moving out of the Bay Area, and will be […]

  • November 2014

    New York event to benefit Seacology

    Seacology is proud to announce that we have been selected as the beneficiary of One Night One Ocean, an upcoming event at New York City’s Capitale auditorium, sponsored by The Ocean Campaign. On Tuesday, January 20, 2015, The Ocean Campaign is bringing together 700 prominent guests, from scientists and ocean experts to leaders in finance, […]

  • October 2014

    Video and transcript of Seacology Prize winner’s acceptance speech

    Our most recent Seacology Prize winner, “Professor” Ali Shaibu Shekue, gave this moving statement upon accepting his award. Many thanks to Dishon Murage, our outstanding field representative for East Africa, for helping with the translation. Ladies and gentlemen, accept our warm greetings from the people of Lamu in Kenya. I am most honored to be […]

  • October 2014

    Seacology trip visits rebuilt Tonga community center

    Our project on ‘Uiha Island, Tonga, suffered a major setback in January when the community center we had helped the Femelea community retrofit was leveled by Cyclone Ian, a Category 5 storm that ravaged Tonga and Fiji, among other Pacific islands. It was deemed that the entire structure was beyond repair and would have to […]

  • October 2014

    Photos from 2014 Prize Ceremony

    On Thursday, October 9, we were pleased to award the 2014 Seacology Prize to “Professor” Ali Shaibu Shekue of Kenya, for his work in establishing several protected areas in his home country, and collaborating with indigenous fishing communities to further marine conservation and sustainability. Professor Shekue and Seacology Field Representative Dishon Murage joined our staff, […]

  • September 2014

    Save the Date: Seacology Prize Ceremony, October 9

    The 2014 Seacology Prize Ceremony, where we will honor this year’s winner, Ali Shaibu Shekue, is almost upon us! Tickets have been moving quickly, but there are still seats for the free, public event available. The event will be held at The David Brower Center, 2150 Allston Way, Berkeley, California 94704 from 6:00 PM to […]

  • September 2014

    Duane Silverstein on KPFA Radio

    Seacology’s Executive Director, Duane Silverstein, recently appeared on KPFA Radio’s Africa Today with Walter Jones. In the half-hour segment, Duane discusses Seacology’s innovative approach to conservation, our history, upcoming Seacology travel opportunities, and much more. The interview can be found at KPFA’s website here, and begins around 33:00. Enjoy!

  • September 2014

    A recap of our recent Fiji expedition

    In October of 2013, Duane Silverstein and I gave a Seacology presentation at the National Aquarium to a rapt group of approximately 35 members, donors and individuals interested in conservation. We invited all to link up us on a first-ever expedition to Fiji with The National Aquarium to take part in visiting two of Seacology’s […]

  • September 2014

    Seacology welcomes new Indonesia representative

    Seacology is happy to welcome Iona Soulsby to our team as a new field representative in Indonesia. A native of New Zealand, Iona has a strong ecology background and has led mangrove-restoration projects on the island of Bali for the past five years. We’re looking forward to working with her!

  • September 2014

    Storm-damaged Felemea center rebuilt

    Our project on ‘Uiha Island, Tonga, suffered a major setback in January when the community center we had helped the Felemea community retrofit was leveled by Cyclone Ian, a Category 5 storm that ravaged Tonga and Fiji, among other Pacific islands. It was deemed that the entire structure was beyond repair and would have to […]

  • August 2014

    Seacology works to keep Sibuyan lights on

    The Philippines’ Sibuyan Island is home to some of the world’s densest forest and several rare, endemic plant and animal species. In June, Seacology struck a deal with the island’s Mangyan tribe, who reside at the foot of Mount Guiting-Guiting, to safeguard almost a quarter of this pristine landscape, which has come under increasing pressure […]

  • August 2014

    Affiliate leader checks in on Seychelles site

    Peter Pistor of our affiliate, Seacology Germany, makes a point to visit our project sites when traveling. Last month, he and his wife, Zina, were vacationing in the Seychelles and paid a visit to Mahe Island, where Seacology has been working with local NGO Nature Seychelles to retrofit an educational center that hosts a growing […]

  • July 2014

    Kenya’s Shekue named 2014 Seacology Prize winner

    We are excited to announce that this year’s winner is ‘Professor’ Ali Shaibu Shekue from Kenya. Though not a professor in the literal sense, Shekue is recognized throughout Kenya for his knowledge and skill pertaining to artisanal fisheries. He is among the few remaining old fishermen, and throughout his lifetime he has witnessed people being […]

  • July 2014

    Seacology-funded dormitory opens in French Polynesia

    Last month, members of a Seacology expedition visited the island of Moorea, French Polynesia to commemorate the opening of the Atitia Center dormitory. The new structure is an expansion of an earlier Seacology-funded facility that was constructed in 2008 to foster education programs focusing on traditional knowledge, science, and conservation. The dormitory, which was dedicated […]

  • July 2014

    Seacology welcomes new Communications Assistant

    Seacology has recently hired Joseph Clerici as our new Design and Communications Assistant and Webmaster. A Bay Area native and graduate of Humboldt State University’s journalism program, Joe brings a wide range of multimedia experience to the organization and has produced content for a variety of journalistic and nonprofit organizations, including the Coral Reef Alliance, […]

  • June 2014

    Seacology launches seven new projects

    We’re thrilled to announce the launch of seven new Seacology projects around the world, building things like a community hall in Fiji and a solar power grid in the Philippines. In the process, we’ll be helping protect vulnerable forest and marine ecosystems home to threatened species like the humphead wrasse, boxfish, saltwater crocodiles, monitor lizards, […]

  • June 2014

    Sustainable fish trap exchange helping preserve Wasini Island waters

    Our field rep in East Africa reports that a hundred traditional and eco-friendly fishing traps have been distributed on Wasini Island, helping locals fish their waters sustainably. Wasini fishermen exchanged their old traps for the new ones, which were made from local plant materials and feature “escape gaps” allowing sea turtles and juvenile fish to […]

  • May 2014

    Mooring buoys helping protect coral off Palawan Island

    In May, volunteers in the Philippines began installing mooring buoys in Palawan Island’s Bacuit Bay, launching a new effort to help protect the bay’s rich coral reef ecosystem against the stress of increased tourism. With the buoys in place, boaters will be able to experience the reef without hurting it, eliminating the need to drop […]

  • May 2014

    Newest Field Rep: Cook Islands’ Tuaine Tuara

    We’re pleased to announce we’ve added Tuaine Tuara to our worldwide roster of Seacology field representatives. Tuara will help Seacology execute projects throughout her home nation of the Cook Islands. Tuara is a conservation advocate from Mangaia, the second largest of the Cook Islands. In 1999 she and her husband founded the Mangaia Tanga’eo Environmental […]

  • April 2014

    2013 Annual Report released

    We’re pleased to share with you our Annual Report for 2013, which you can see via the link below: Seacology’s 2013 Annual Report We are very proud of the work covered in this report — Seacology continues to fund projects that conserve environments and help people meet basic needs on islands around the world. See […]

  • April 2014

    Pearl farming on Namdrik Atoll

    On this remote atoll in the Pacific Ocean, a new black pearl farming operation we helped launch is up and running, providing Namdrik’s 600 residents with a lucrative industry that’s also eco-friendly. Cultivating black pearls (also called black Tahitian pearls) involves inserting a “bead” – typically a rounded piece of shell — into a Black-lip […]

  • April 2014

    Honoring Seacology Fellow David London (1950-2014)

    This week, Seacology was saddened to learn of the passing of dedicated Seacology Fellow Dr. David London. David A. London, M.D., devoted husband, father, and physician – March 14, 1950 – March 26, 2014. 28-year resident of Portola Valley, California. We mourn the loss of David, beloved husband, best friend and soul mate to his […]

  • April 2014

    Seacology protecting critical drop bear habitat in Tasmania

    BERKELEY, CA, APRIL 1 – This month, Seacology launched its first ever project on Tasmania protecting critical forest habitat for the reclusive drop bear (plummetus Thylarctos), a ferocious relative of the koala known for attacking unsuspecting hikers by literally dropping down from the treetops. In exchange for the creation of a new 200-acre drop bear […]

  • March 2014

    Shorebirds, pangolin among species protected by new Seacology projects

    In February we launched six new projects on islands around the world, including our first ever in Argentina where we’re helping protect the habitat of shorebirds (like the Red Knot, pictured) who migrate all the way from the Arctic each year. Meanwhile, our new project in Bali, Indonesia protects habitat for pangolins and leaf-eating monkeys. […]

  • March 2014

    New Sri Lanka Field Rep: Leela Padmini Batuwitage

    We’re happy to announce we’ve added Sri Lanka’s Leela Padmini Batuwitage to our roster of field representatives. Padmini is a Charted Civil Engineer with a Ph.D (The Netherlands) and three Masters Degrees: Master of Engineering (Sri Lanka), Master of Science (Ireland), Master of Public Administration (Harvard University-USA). She has been actively involved in sustainable development […]

  • February 2014

    Seacology Launches First Project in Argentina

    Expanding to its 52nd country, Seacology launched its first ever project in Argentina, helping protect nearly 200 acres of wetland coastal habitat on Tierra del Fuego. Seacology will be working with the local conservation group Asociación Ambiente Sur protect the area, providing funds for fences, bird watching platforms, and signage. The region is an important […]

  • February 2014

    Kristin M. Reed joins Seacology’s Board of Directors

    Seacology is proud to announce Kristin M. Reed as the newest member of our Board of Directors. Reed serves as Strategic Advisor to Olazul, leading program strategy and directing program management for the organization. A trained social scientist interested in the nexus between human rights and environment, Reed directed the University of California Human Rights […]

  • February 2014

    Upgrades bring freshwater to Indonesian village

    Last month, one of our field reps in Indonesia trekked into northern Sulawesi to visit Teling, a hillside village of farmers and fishermen. He wanted to check on the village’s freshwater system we helped overhaul several years ago, and found that the infrastructure of PVC pipes and water tanks is still working, providing reliable running […]

  • January 2014

    Kiwayu islanders install new freshwater well, protect endangered sea turtles

    In January, workers finished installing a new well on Kiwayu Island, helping the island’s 4,000 residents get easier access to freshwater. Since the photo above was taken, workers also sealed the top and installed a water pump. The well is just one part of a project to help protect sea turtle habitat around the island, […]

  • January 2014

    Tree seedlings to replenish Madagascar forest

    Villagers in Antanandava, Madagascar grew over 6,000 tree seedlings as of last month in preparation for a major replanting effort to replenish clear-cut areas of Antanandava’s forest reserve. In exchange, we’ve provided funds to build a library and reading room for Antanandava students. Construction is expected to continue for a few more months. This is […]

  • December 2013

    Ian Drysdale: Seacology’s Newest Field Rep

    Seacology is happy to announce the addition of our newest field representative, Ian Drysdale of Honduras. Drysdale will represent Seacology in Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador acting as our local contact to monitor progress on existing projects and to find new project opportunities. Born in Guatemala, raised in El Salvador and […]

  • December 2013

    Footbridge in Madagascar gives kids safe passage to new schoolhouse

    Going to school wasn’t always so easy for the kids of Antsahaberaoka, a village in northern Madagascar. During the rainy seasons, many children simply couldn’t reach the school because the river running through the community rose too high to safely cross. More problems awaited them at the schoolhouse itself, which was made from dilapidated wood […]

  • November 2013

    Repairing Earthquake Damage in the Philippines

    This week Seacology approved a maintenance grant to repair a boardwalk on Bohol Island damaged by a major earthquake in mid October. We originally funded the construction of this 800-meter boardwalk, which winds through a mangrove forest near Bangaray San Vicente, in order to promote ecotourism and support the conservation of the mangroves. The 7.2 […]

  • November 2013

    Seacology staff awaiting news on Philippines projects hit by typhoon

    As recovery continues in the Philippines following Typhoon Haiyan, we are still gathering information on our projects in the region. Unfortunately, many of these communities are located in remote areas that are hard to reach even in the best of times. While we’re awaiting news from projects that may have been adversely affected, so far […]

  • November 2013

    New boat to help raise conservation awareness in the Sundarbans

    Workers completed renovations on a boat last month in the Sundarbans, giving local conservation groups an important tool to spread the word throughout the region about the importance of protecting mangrove forests. The boat is needed because the Sundarbans is a massive delta comprised of countless islands, and there’s little transportation infrastructure available to reach […]

  • October 2013

    To protect sea turtle nests, Indonesian village turns to traditional law

    This past month marked the official opening of the sea turtle guard post near Pelilit Village on Indonesia’s Nusa Penida Island which will help villagers keep sea turtle nesting sites safe from poachers. Of course, successful conservation requires more than just a guard post. In Pelilit, conservation rules for this beach (as well as for […]

  • October 2013

    VIDEO: Marie Saleem’s impact on the Maldives

    Here’s the short video we screened at the Prize Ceremony last week about all the ways our winner Marie Saleem is helping conserve the oceans around the Maldives!

  • October 2013

    Marie Saleem Awarded 2013 Seacology Prize

    Last Thursday night, Seacology awarded its 21st Seacology Prize to Marie Saleem, a marine conservation crusader from the Maldives. Over 140 people attended the event held at the David Brower Center in downtown Berkeley. In her acceptance speech, Marie spoke of the wide variety of ways she has helped protect the marine ecosystems in her […]

  • September 2013

    Renovating a community hall on Tonga’s Ovaka Island, population 72

    Ovaka Island’s 72 residents will soon have a refurbished community hall which they’ll use for meetings, classes, and various events. Our field representative in Tonga reports that workers have already built an extension and painted the walls; next they’ll install a sink and plumbing for a kitchen, build a fence, and add tiling to the […]

  • September 2013

    Boardwalk through mangrove forest in the Philippines nearly complete

    A new 800-meter boardwalk through a mangrove forest on Bohol Island, Philippines is nearly complete. Once finished, it will help the village of San Vicente protect not only their forest, but surrounding fishing areas as well. By funding this boardwalk project, we’re helping San Vicente continue a conservation effort that began in 1999 after a […]

  • September 2013

    After hurricane, cabana in the Bahamas is rebuilt

    This month, workers in the Bahamas’ Fowl Cays National Park (FCNP) successfully rebuilt a cabana destroyed by a hurricane late last year. The cabana is part of our project to help Bahamas National Trust (BNT) manage two of the country’s national parks. We provided funds for cabanas and signage to be installed in FCNP and […]

  • September 2013

    6,000 mangrove trees planted in Fiji

    Mangrove restoration continued this month in Fiji’s Qumusea district, as schoolkids chipped in to help plant 6,000 new trees. These mangroves will help prevent erosion, which can hurt nearby coral reefs, and provide protection from major storm surges. But 6,000 trees is just the start: the plan is to plant a total 50,000 new mangrove […]

  • August 2013

    Seacology breaks ground on first project in Chile

    This month, construction began on a visitor’s center on Quinchao Island, kicking off our first project in Chile. We’re funding the visitor’s center in exchange for the creation of a 100-acre coastal wetland reserve, the summer home of thousands of shorebirds including the Hudsonian godwits and whimbrels. Many of these birds migrate from as far […]

  • August 2013

    Fish wardens in the Philippines catch poachers by getting creative

    Fish wardens in northern Palawan continue to crack down on poachers in the Marine Protected Area (MPA) we helped create in 2008, showing that while illegal fishing continues, local patrols can be an effective force in thwarting it. (Apprehended poachers are brought before the El Nido Environment Council for “arraignment and deposition.”) According to our […]

  • August 2013

    How to promote conservation in the Sundarbans? Build a boat.

    Workers in northeast India began restoration on a boat that will be used by conservationists to spread the word in the Sundarbans about the importance of protecting mangrove forests in this massive delta. Why a boat? It’s just the easiest way to get around: the Sundarbans is comprised of countless islands, and the force of […]

  • July 2013

    Indonesian kindergarten project featured in two Scuba magazines

    This past week, Sportdiver.com and Scubadiving.com both had the story of the kindergarten we helped build in Indonesia, and the role it plays in protecting a coral paradise. From Sportdiver.com’s “School’s in for Raja Ampat”: The local Misool Eco Resort had already established a 90,440 no-take zone in Raja Ampat in 2005, but the marine […]

  • July 2013

    Seacology on GreatNonProfit’s Top-Rated List

    This week, GreatNonProfits announced its Top Rated List, and, thanks to a large number of positive reviews, Seacology made the cut! GreatNonProfits “is the leading developer of tools that allow people to find, review, and share information about great — and perhaps not yet great — nonprofits.” Read our reviews or add your own on […]

  • July 2013

    Kenya’s Kiwayu Island to protect coral reef, sea turtles

    Kiwayu Island kicked off a major marine conservation effort in July to protect more than 600 acres of a coral reef ecosystem and to keep Kiwayu’s beaches safe for nesting sea turtles. (Pictured above, a government fisheries officer discusses the project in a speech at the official launch event.) To help, we’re providing funds to […]

  • July 2013

    Our 2013 Seacology Prize Winner: Marie Saleem

    We’re thrilled to announce that our 2013 Seacology Prize winner is Marie Saleem, a leading environmental conservation advocate whose research and activism have helped protect marine ecosystems in her home country of the Maldives. As this year’s recipient, Saleem will receive $10,000 and will be honored at the Seacology Prize Ceremony on Thursday, October 3rd, […]

  • July 2013

    Micro hydro generator powers up mountain village in Philippines

    In June our field rep in the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcelo, hiked into the Tiruray mountains to visit Sitio Lobo, a small community near Lake Sebu, where we funded the installation of a micro hydropower generator in a nearby river. As he details in his blog, it didn’t take long for him to notice that things […]

  • June 2013

    With new solar panels and computers, Indonesian kindergarten “fully operational”

    Our field rep in Indonesia reports that workers have installed solar panels and added computers to the new kindergarten on Indonesia’s Daram Island, making it “fully operational.” We helped build the school in Daram Island’s Fafanlap village to help get islanders in the area to support a massive 90,000 acre marine reserve just off shore. […]

  • June 2013

    Lemurs, dugongs among species protected by six new projects

    Lemurs, dugongs, and an endemic bird of paradise are among the many species protected by our six newest projects, approved earlier this month. And in exchange for conservation support from islanders, we’re funding a new school for a community without one, a water cistern where freshwater is scarce, and the distribution of traditional fish traps […]

  • May 2013

    Panama’s Kuna establish waste management system on Carti Islands

    In Panama’s Carti Islands, we’ve been working with the indigenous Kuna people to establish an effective waste management system for their densely-populated island communities. We provided equipment like plastic bottle crushers and scales and they drafted regulations for collecting and exporting their trash and recycling to the mainland. Our field representative in Panama reports that […]

  • May 2013

    New ranger station in Marshall Islands to help preserve Namdrik Atoll’s pristine lagoon

    Namdrik Atoll is small – just 1.1 square miles of land – but it encloses a beautiful a beautiful lagoon. Namdrik islanders will be able to use this new structure – officially an “education and surveillance center” – to coordinate patrols of the new 86-acre reserve within the lagoon, and also to teach locals about […]

  • April 2013

    “Multipurpose” building on Java used for community meetings, badminton

    The “multipurpose community building” we funded in Mandalamekar, on the Indonesian island of Java, is living up to its name, our field rep in Indonesia reports. Finished in 2011, the building is being used for all kinds of activities, from community meetings and elections to performance recitals and badminton. Meanwhile, locals continue to patrol their […]

  • February 2013

    Sea Turtle Guard Post in Indonesia Nearly Complete

    The green and hawskbill sea turtles who come to Pelilit Beach on Nusa Penida Island to lay eggs will soon enjoy an extra degree of protection once the guard post is completed. Work has been slow going because the post is located at a bottom of a steep hill, and all the materials need to […]

  • February 2013

    Former Seacology Prize Winner Named Asst. Field Rep in Indonesia

    In 2011, we awarded Irman Meilandi the Seacology Prize for his incredible work protecting the forests around his village of Mandalamekar, on Indonesia’s island of Java. We’re proud to announce that we’ve hired Irman to serve as an Assistant Field Representative in Indonesia, helping our primary Field Representative Arnaz Mehta oversee our projects in the […]

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