What do we do?

We protect island habitats and assist local communities by offering villages a unique deal: if they agree to create a forest or marine reserve, we’ll provide funds for something the village needs, like a schoolhouse or health clinic.

Since 1991, we’ve launched more than 300 projects, working with villages on islands in 61 countries, helping to protect approximately 1.3 million acres of some of the world’s most vulnerable ecosystems.

In 2015, we launched the largest project in our history, helping Sri Lanka become the first nation in the world to comprehensively protect all of its mangrove forests.

Read more about how Seacology works.

Why this approach?

“Seacology is playing a critically needed role in preserving the vitally important yet very threatened terrestrial and marine ecosystems of islands throughout the world.”

— Dr. Sylvia A. Earle, National Geographic Explorer in Residence

Many island communities want to protect their natural resources but face incredible pressure to sell logging rights or allow destructive fishing techniques in order to raise funds to educate their kids, treat their sick, or power their homes. Instead of turning to logging companies or commercial fishermen, these island communities can work with us. Read more about our unique approach.

Why islands?

Due to their isolation and favorable climates, islands are often home to an array of rare species of plants and animals, many of which live nowhere else in the world. But islands have also been the site of an disproportionate share of the world’s total extinctions, as even minor disruptions to an island’s ecosystem can have devastating consequences. Read more about the importance of protecting island habitats.

Download the Seacology fact sheet:

Awards and recognitions
  • Four-star charity – Charity Navigator
  • Platinum member – Guidestar
  • Achievement in Innovation Award – California Association of Nonprofits (2005)
  • Pick of the week & Pick for Good – Yahoo! (2006)
  • Global Vision Award – Travel+Leisure Magazine (2006)
  • Exceptional Cause Award – Mal Warwick and Associates (2007)
  • Global Sustainable Tourism Blue Award – Islands Magazine (2007)
  • Top Rated Nonprofit – Greatnonprofits.org (2013)
  • Prince’s Prize for Innovative Nonprofits Laureate – Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and the Tocqueville Foundation (2015)
  • United Nations Momentum for Change climate action award (2018)
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