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May 2020

Furry flying friends

Bats have long had a bad reputation. Popular culture–think vampire movies and Halloween decorations–links these nocturnal flying mammals to all things spooky. More recently, they have been suspected of being a host of the virus that causes COVID-19. But bats help humans far more than they hurt them–and actually help fight the spread of lethal […]

May 2020

Conservation and COVID-19—what’s the connection?

Right now, all of us–individuals and our governments—are focused on immediate, life-and-death concerns. We need to act fast to stop the spread of a very contagious and dangerous virus, take care of the sick (and those who care for them), and help families struggling because of economic upheaval. At a time like this, protecting the […]

April 2020

Why Seacology? A Q&A with Board President Doug Herst

Doug Herst has served on Seacology’s board of directors for 19 years and is a generous donor to our organization. In part one of our Q&A with Herst, who is the current board president, he discusses why he continues to support Seacology after nearly two decades.

April 2020

Seacology supports sea turtles’ race for survival

As divers and snorkelers around the world know, few things rival the experience of seeing a sea turtle up close. The enormous reptiles–the largest of which can grow up to six feet long and weigh three-quarters of a ton–glide through the water with otherworldly ease. And on a nesting beach, one can witness the miracle […]

March 2020

Our work continues.

You’ve probably been hearing from a lot of organizations and businesses—so we’ll make this brief. We just want to assure you that Seacology is doing as much as we safely can to further our mission in these challenging times. Protecting our staff and community. We have canceled all travel for U.S. staff and are working from […]

March 2020

New Borneo project supports sustainable crab fishery and mangrove protections

Seacology has funded many different kinds of projects over the years–schools, solar panels, water systems, just to name a few. But until this year, we’d never been approached by a village that wanted to build a shelter for baby crabs. The request came from Sungai Nibung, a village on the west coast of Borneo. Mangrove […]

March 2020

Uruguay beekeepers lead the charge against invasive species

Science—and our own experience—tell us that local communities have crucial knowledge about the ecosystems with which their lives and cultures are bound. Tapping into this knowledge makes conservation more effective. It also gives these communities the respect they are due but have historically often been denied. This principle was key to the success of our […]

March 2020

Local partnerships in Mexico protect diverse island habitats

Like any country, Mexico wants tourism and development to bolster its economy. But economic growth, unless it’s managed carefully, can bring environmental degradation. Seacology’s projects in Mexico target the overfishing, solid waste, and water pollution that now threaten Mexico’s 1,300 islands, which are home to coral reefs, mangroves, sand dunes, and rainforests. Seacology also takes […]

February 2020

Dominican Republic projects safeguard key wetlands

Seacology only recently began working in the Dominican Republic, but our work there has already made a big impact. Our four projects in the country, located at Las Garitas, Montecristi Province, Oviedo Lagoon, and Limón Lagoon, are helping to protect some of the country’s most important mangrove ecosystems. We awarded the 2018 Seacology Prize to […]

February 2020

Project site not damaged by Taal Volcano eruption

Seacology project partners near Taal Lake, in the Philippines, were forced to evacuate after the volcano in the middle of the lake erupted on January 12, burying surrounding communities in a thick layer of ash. Seacology funded repairs and upgrades to an ecotourism center in the Municipality of Mataas na Kahoy, on Taal Lake, in […]