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December 2021

Bright fans come together to protect dugongs and seagrass

Banner photo © Matt Curnock / Ocean Image Bank Vachirawit Chivaaree, known to his fans as Bright, is a popular young actor, musician, and model from Thailand. He’s also a committed conservationist and has lent his support to several environmental and other causes, both directly and by encouraging his fans to support charities.  We were […]

December 2021

Signs of hope for one of the world’s rarest trees

The threats to endangered species, especially on islands, are often complicated and multidimensional. Invasive species, climate change, and destruction of sensitive habitats all put island species at disproportionate risk. On the other hand, sometimes a simple intervention can go a long way toward preventing an extinction. In the case of our project in Bonaire, a […]

November 2021

Young artists bring some color to record-breaking marine park

When the government of the Cook Islands announced in 2017 that it was creating the world’s largest multi-use marine reserve, Seacology’s leadership immediately started thinking about ways that we could help it be successful. Encompassing the South Pacific country’s entire exclusive economic zone, an area as large as Mexico, the ambitions of the Marae Moana […]

November 2021

High in the Andes, Seacology protects pristine island habitat

Because Seacology works exclusively on islands, most of our projects are pretty close to sea level. Our latest one in Peru is a little different. At an elevation of more than 12,000 feet and spanning the border of Bolivia and Peru, Lake Titicaca is widely considered the highest navigable lake in the world. This massive […]

October 2021

Micronesia: Little islands, big conservation results

By Simon Ellis Micronesia — literally, “tiny islands” — is a region of the Pacific Ocean that many people in western countries have never heard of. The islands of Micronesia are indeed quite small, but many of them are spectacularly beautiful. They are also home to vibrant cultures and extremely valuable wildlife habitats. And the […]

October 2021

Making a living from — and with — the forest

When big lumber companies look at a tropical forest, they see money. And they know just how to get it: Build roads, cut down and sell the tall trees, and pocket the profit. Many of the island communities that Seacology works with live in intimate connection with forests, and they see something else: a grocery […]

September 2021

Accolades for Seacology

Can we brag a little? Seacology is a small organization, working hard to protect island habitats, and we don’t get the attention given to giant organizations. But the world seems to be noticing our effectiveness, because three new environmental awards acknowledge our work! We’re delighted that our unique, grassroots approach to conservation—and the hard work […]

September 2021

Spotlight on Seacology’s support for coastal resilience in Kenya

The Global Resilience Partnership and UNDRR’s PreventionWeb just published a great profile of our work at Wasini Island, Kenya. Seacology worked with the community there to protect the island’s mangrove and coral reef ecosystems. Local management is making the local fisheries more sustainable, and new rainwater cisterns are improving water security. Here’s some of what […]

August 2021

Saw John Aung Thong of India to receive 2021 Seacology Prize

A committed advocate for the environment and culture of India’s Andaman Islands, Saw John Aung Thong, will receive the 2021 Seacology Prize. Saw John, a member of the islands’ Karen community, exemplifies Seacology’s vision of locally led island conservation. We look forward to honoring him at a ceremony on October 7.  Hundreds of miles east […]

August 2021

Young Dominican athletes lead the way on mangrove cleanups

This spring, generous donors to our Earth Day crowdfunding campaign stepped in to help young athletes across the Dominican Republic follow their dreams. Many young aspiring baseball and volleyball players, who had no access to sports gear, have now received new Seacology-funded equipment and uniforms. And they are becoming not only champions on the field […]