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January 2023

Rachel Dibner joins Seacology board

This month, Seacology welcomed Rachel Dibner to our board of directors. Dibner is co-president of The Argus Fund, a family foundation that she and her husband Mark established in 2007. […]

December 2022

A year of conservation success, thanks to you!

Frankly, we didn’t expect to get so much done in 2022! But despite a turbulent economy, the lingering pandemic, and the environmental challenges facing many islands, we helped islanders all […]

November 2022

COP27 and cautious optimism for islands

Every day, island communities around the globe feel the effects of the climate crisis. Rising seas flood their homes and ruin their wells and croplands with saltwater. Typhoons get more […]

October 2022

Wailevu Village: hope at the end of the road

Wailevu Village is tucked into the lush Natewa-Tunaloa peninsula of Fiji, between a bay full of coral and mountains covered by tropical forest. The village is a bumpy hour-and-a-half drive […]

October 2022

Watch the 2022 Seacology Prize Ceremony here

The 2022 Seacology Prize Ceremony, honoring Kevin Iro of the Cook Islands, was streamed live on Thursday, October 6. You can watch the recording below, or skip right to our […]