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Samban Tugang/The Borneo Project


April 2022

Seacology Prize winner: conservation depends on indigenous land rights

Respect for the rights and traditions of indigenous island communities has been at the heart of Seacology’s approach to conservation since our founding project in Samoa. We know that supporting indigenous peoples’ efforts to protect their traditional lands and waters is not only the right thing to do, but effective from a long-term conservation perspective. […]

March 2022

Protecting seagrass has never been more important

Happy Seagrass Awareness Month! Environmental organizations and activists around the globe are putting a spotlight on seagrass in March, hoping to bring much-needed attention to this underappreciated ecosystem. Seagrass meadows cover just a tiny fraction of the planet’s surface in shallow coastal waters, but punch well above their weight in terms of the crucial environmental […]

March 2022

Protector of Borneo’s forests and Seacology partner wins prestigious award

Adrian (Banie) Lasimbang, a longtime Seacology partner who has been instrumental in our work to protect forests on Borneo, has been awarded the 2022 IVLP Alumni Award for Social Innovation and Change. The prize is presented by Global Ties US, an organization that promotes international cooperation and citizen diplomacy. It recognizes leaders who work with […]

February 2022

Nine new projects protect island ecosystems above and below the surface

There’s now a Seacology project for every day of the year, and then some! We are excited to announce nine new partnerships with local communities and organizations that will protect critically endangered species and thousands of acres of mangroves, coral reefs, and other threatened island habitats. This brings our total to 373 active or complete […]

February 2022

Kenyan community comes together to keep a historical treasure green

The Lamu Archipelago is a collection of islands on Kenya’s northern coast, separating a maze of creeks, channels, and tidal flats from the Indian Ocean. The area’s dense wetlands account for roughly 70 percent of the country’s mangroves, some 85,000 acres. Half moon-shaped Lamu Island, at the southern end of the archipelago, is  an important […]

January 2022

Ecotourism in the Philippines: hiking the path to sustainability

With help from Seacology, a community in the Philippines is taking advantage of its beautiful surroundings to help protect them against multiple threats. The Municipality of Alabat, on a small island of the same name, sits just off the coast of the country’s largest island of Luzon. Surrounded by the calm, shallow waters of Lamon […]

January 2022

Youth sports programs drive conservation across Latin America

Play For the Mangroves, our program in the Dominican Republic that links youth sports and mangrove conservation, is off to a great start since its launch last summer. We’ve given hundreds of young baseball and volleyball players balls, bats, nets, and uniforms. Our local partner, Grupo Jaragua, has organized field trips, mangrove and coastal cleanups, […]

January 2022

Solidarity with the people of Tonga

Header photo: NZ Defence Force, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons Seacology’s thoughts are with the people of Tonga, who are suffering after the eruption of the enormous Hunga Tonga-Hunga volcano on January 15. The violent eruption covered many of Tonga’s islands with thick ash and created tsunamis of staggering size—up to 50 feet, according […]

December 2021

Pride in parrotfish protects reefs in Mexico

The Gulf of California, also known as the Sea of Cortez, is the narrow waterway separating the Baja California peninsula from the rest of Mexico. Carved off from the rest of the continent by intense tectonic activity, it is one of the world’s most biodiverse seas thanks in part to its varying depth, the rivers […]

December 2021

Looking back on a big year

Dear friends, It was terrific for Barbara and me to watch the online stream of the Seacology Prize Ceremony from our living room, where our first Seacology Prize Ceremony was held for Samoan Chief Ulu Taufa’asisina back in 1992. Chief Ulu had promised his father on his deathbed to protect the Tafua rain forest on […]