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UN award recognizes Sri Lanka’s mangrove restoration

February 21, 2024

Sri Lanka continues to be a world leader in mangrove conservation! This month the United Nations recognized the island nation as a UN World Restoration Flagship, reflecting its commitment to protecting and restoring its coastal wetlands.

Seacology played a significant role in Sri Lanka’s mangrove conservation and reforestation efforts through our first nationwide project from 2015-2020. We worked with local NGOs and communities and the Sri Lankan government to implement a comprehensive plan that planted nearly a million mangrove seedlings, produced the first nationwide survey of the country’s remaining mangroves, and empowered coastal communities to preserve their local mangrove forests.

Since our role ended, Sri Lanka has continued this momentum as a leader of a newly established Commonwealth of Nations panel on mangrove conservation. Our partners at the Lanka Mangrove Museum continue to educate visitors from around the country and beyond about the importance of mangroves to the country’s economy, food security, biodiversity and coastal resilience against storms.

This latest award demonstrates the commitment and innovation of Sri Lankan environmental leaders, who continue to work tirelessly for the future of these critically important ecosystems.

Read the press release to learn more.