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El Berrinche’s environmental education center gets a new location

March 26, 2024

The people of El Berrinche are reclaiming their community from environmental degradation, as well as ensuring that their future is set up for success. Their new education center, created with funds from Seacology, supports the preservation work of Roatán Marine Park and encourages kids to become active environmental protectors.

In March 2023, our project partner, Polo’s Water Association, had to move the environmental classroom out of an elementary school. An intense search turned up a good nearby space with minimal rent, and the organizers were able to move quickly. The new education hub is fully stocked with computer equipment, books, and supplies—an enormous benefit to a community where children have little access to learning tools.

Classes, activities, and tutoring are now offered every day in the bright, spacious new location. There are English, science, math, technology, engineering, music and art programs. One parent said

“I wanted my son to learn English, so I asked a private teacher how much they would charge… it was not affordable for me. But we thank God, you, and everyone who makes it possible for us to have a community center where our children now have free access and the opportunity to learn English, to use the computers. The children learn good things every day and are busy with something that will help them in their future. I am very grateful and happy.”

Environmental protection talks from year-round educators provided by Roatán Marine Park also address water quality, climate change, coral reefs, and more. The educational center has organized field trips for kids to learn about local wildlife, history, and culture, as well as participate in beach clean-ups and help survey reef health.

The educational center will continue to provide foundational resources to help improve the quality of life for the people of El Berrinche and promote environmental stewardship. The community is very excited and committed to working together for the next generation!

Kids conduct a science experiment in their new classroom.

Our partners are helping the students learn valuable computer skills in the new facility.