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December 2022

Multiple disasters can’t stop stewardship of Philippines lake

Living on an active volcano carries risks, to say the least, but it’s been an especially trying few years for people along the shores of Taal Lake. The lake fills the large caldera of the Taal Volcano and is the Philippines’ third-largest lake. It’s home to a unique ecosystem that supports many species, including the […]

November 2022

Help save endangered island species this Giving Tuesday

Islands are home to countless plants and animals found nowhere else on Earth. Unfortunately, the isolation that led to the evolution of these unique species also means that far more extinctions take place on islands than on the mainland. That’s why Seacology focuses exclusively on protecting island ecosystems and supporting the communities that depend on […]

November 2022

COP27 and cautious optimism for islands

Every day, island communities around the globe feel the effects of the climate crisis. Rising seas flood their homes and ruin their wells and croplands with saltwater. Typhoons get more dangerous every year. The fish they depend on die off as coral reefs and mangroves disappear. This month, world leaders met in Egypt to create […]

November 2022

Three cheers (and four projects) for Caribbean mangroves!

By Karen Peterson Communities across the Dominican Republic are working with Seacology to protect crucial mangrove ecosystems–and on a recent trip, we got to see just how much progress they’re making. (Spoiler: a lot.) Mangroves, trees that grow in brackish water on their distinctive stilt-like roots, protect coastal communities from wind and wave damage, and […]

October 2022

Wailevu Village: hope at the end of the road

Wailevu Village is tucked into the lush Natewa-Tunaloa peninsula of Fiji, between a bay full of coral and mountains covered by tropical forest. The village is a bumpy hour-and-a-half drive from the nearest town, Savusavu. It is literally at the end of the road—to get to villages farther north, you need to take a boat. […]

October 2022

Watch the 2022 Seacology Prize Ceremony here

The 2022 Seacology Prize Ceremony, honoring Kevin Iro of the Cook Islands, was streamed live on Thursday, October 6. You can watch the recording below, or skip right to our video profile of Iro or his acceptance speech.  

September 2022

Rugby star turned ocean advocate Kevin Iro to receive 2022 Seacology Prize

Kevin Iro, an acclaimed athlete from the Cook Islands who championed the establishment of the world’s largest multi-use marine park, will receive the 2022 Seacology Prize. Iro’s exceptional rugby career spanned decades and countries. Nicknamed “The Beast,” Iro was a dominating presence on the pitch, playing for teams in New Zealand, Australia, and the United […]

August 2022

A long and winding path to conservation

The province of Batangas, which stretches along the southern part of the Philippine island of Luzon, offers a plethora of options for the adventurous, nature-loving traveler. Hikers from across the country and beyond come to scale the Nalayag Monolith, a sharp peak that offers panoramic views of forest and ocean. The surrounding mountains and valleys […]

July 2022

Keeping the spotlight on mangrove forests

World Mangrove Day may not be big on your list of holidays, but it’s a red-letter day for Seacology and conservationists around the globe. That’s because mangrove forests are environmental superstars. They cover just a small fraction of the planet’s surface, but are crucial to the short-term welfare of coastal communities and to the long-term […]

July 2022

Saving seagrass in Puget Sound

The San Juan islands lie in the maze of waterways of the Salish Sea in northwestern Washington, just miles from the Canadian border. People from across the country and around the world visit to fish, boat, and observe the iconic orcas (killer whales) that frequent the area. Underlying this ecosystem is a critically important, but […]