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March 2021

One year in a new world

On March 16, 2020, along with millions of our neighbors in northern California, Seacology’s staff entered a new reality when health officials issued a stay-at-home order. We quickly packed up computers, files, and personal items in our modest Berkeley office and moved daily operations into our homes. None of us expected that we wouldn’t be […]

February 2021

A honey of a project saves mangroves in the Dominican Republic

Much of our recent work has focused on mangrove trees or bees, so it was only a matter of time before they joined forces in a project – and in addition to ecological benefits, produced some delicious mangrove honey! In the Dominican Republic, Seacology will support a sustainable beekeeping operation and invest in ecotourism. These […]

February 2021

Sustainable swag supports Seacology

Last month, we were surprised and excited to learn Parlez (“par-LAY”), an English clothing company, had directed a portion of its 2020 profits to Seacology through 1% for the Planet. Parlez, which specializes in menswear inspired by sailing traditions, has made a commitment not only to its own sustainability but also to leveraging its success […]

February 2021

Endangered parrots, turtles, seals just a few of the species a dozen new projects will help

Twelve new Seacology projects, spanning the globe from the Caribbean to Southeast Asia, will protect thousands of acres of sensitive island habitats and threatened species including seals, turtles, and parrots. Explore them all:   Villa Quinchao, Chile. An island community here will protect 240 acres of marine wetland bird habitat. They will further environmental education […]

January 2021

Amid pandemic travel bans, some islands see boom in local tourism

When the COVID-19 pandemic made indoor gatherings unsafe, getting outdoors became more important than ever. With the appropriate precautions, hiking, kayaking, birding, and other exploration of the natural world offer a COVID-friendly escape from the mind-numbing isolation of shelter-in-place orders, travel restrictions, and rules against large group activities. For many islanders, they also provide an […]

December 2020

Two decades of clean, quiet power in rural Borneo

How do you get electricity to remote villages in the mountains of Borneo, miles from paved roads and even farther from power plants? The problem has stumped governments for years–leaving villagers to rely on loud, dirty, and expensive diesel generators for electricity. Seacology’s first project in Malaysian Borneo successfully tackled this problem in the village […]

December 2020

Generations unite to protect San Juan Islands seagrass

Eelgrass might be the most important habitat you’ve never heard of. And it’s disappearing at a frightening rate — but experienced biologists, conservation professionals, and eager students are teaming up to bring back this crucial, endangered marine habitat in the Pacific Northwest. The San Juan Islands, the secluded archipelago of hundreds of small islands near […]

November 2020

On gratitude

It’s the season of giving–and I want to start by giving thanks for the things I am grateful for at Seacology. First and foremost, I want to thank you for your support and encouragement. Seacology could not be successful in its mission of protecting island environments and cultures without the generous gifts of many donors. […]

November 2020

Colombian navy protecting parrotfish after Seacology-supported ban takes effect

Parrotfish, brightly colored inhabitants of coral reefs named for their beaklike mouths, are essential for a healthy reef. The fish use their namesake beaks to scrape vegetation from the coral, removing algae that would otherwise smother and kill coral polyps. Unfortunately, the slow-moving fish are an easy target for spearfishers.They have been in decline in […]