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Looking back on a magical visit to the South Pacific

March 26, 2024

Roger Newman, a retired anthropology professor from Northern California, was one of several guests on our recent expedition to Fiji. As a longtime volunteer at the California Academy of Sciences, which co-hosted the expedition, the trip was Roger’s introduction to Seacology.

Roger and Audre Newman, third and fifth from left, tour the Seacology-funded kindergarten in Nukubalavu, Fiji.

Writing in the Peralta Retirees Organization newsletter, he reflects on the time he and his wife, Audre, spent in the beautiful South Pacific nation. Among the highlights of the trip for him were the exceptional diving and snorkeling we enjoyed, learning more about the country’s marine ecosystem from the Academy’s scientists, and the moving experience of visiting past and potential Seacology project sites.

We love what he had to say about our unique approach to conservation and his firsthand experience seeing it in action. Check it out here.