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Our Supporters


We couldn’t do it without you.

Donors make Seacology’s work possible, and we want you to know that your support is having tangible, on-the-ground effects on islands all over the world. Issues of climate and habitat loss can seem insurmountable, but our supporters are making a difference.

We value every donation and count ourselves lucky to have the support of many individuals and foundations. Seacology does not receive any government funding. Here, we would like to acknowledge some of our most generous supporters.


Fellows are generous supporters who are crucial to our work. We are deeply grateful for their leadership and commitment to island conservation. Learn more about our Fellows program.

Chief Ulu Fellows ($25,000 or more)


Robert Epstein and Amy Roth

Maja Kristin

Island Fellows ($10,000-$24,999)


Albert Chao

Terri Hearsh

Robert and Rosemary Heil

Arthur Kern

Murray and Jeanie Kilgour

Robert Dion and Mary O’Malley

Judah Slavkovsky

Anne Symchych

Paul and Leigh Tischler

Greg and Pat White

Karen and Burt Yarkin

Seacology Fellows ($2,500-$9,999)


Carl and Claire Anderson

Yumi Ando

Yvonne Adams and Jeremy Green

Larry and Wendy Barels

Renee Boicourt

Iain Boltin

Pete Boyce

Michael Burbank

Peter Carroll

Craig and Nana Chiappone

Yvon and Malinda Chouinard

Dina Cowan

Virginia and Peter Dimsey

Gordon Firestein and Doris Lang

Robert and Michelle Friend

Markus Fromherz and Heike Schmitz

Theodore and Frances Geballe

The Goldberg Family

John and Marcia Goldman

Edward Herbert and May Fung

Michael Hofman and Janet Moyer

Cynthia Hubach

Reed Kathrein

John and Janet Kister

Kris Knoernschild

Annette Leckie

David and Valerie London

Brian and Caroline Lurie

Mary Love May and Paul Gabrielson

Kenneth and Freya Mahaffey

John McCosker

Barbara Meyer

Michael Neidorf

Dana Nojima and Elaine Lyford-Nojima

Rachel Orman

Buffy Redsecker and Alan Chung

Judith Rosenthal

Jozef Ruck and Donna Ito

Joe Scalzo

Rand and Carol Selig

Duane Silverstein and Marcia Stewart

Howard and Ann Sohn

Greg and Liz Sparks

Gilda and Warren Sprung

Barbara Sweet

Christine Symchych and James McNulty

Cindy and Richard Troop

Jake Warner and Toni Ihara

Wayne and Julissa Westerman

Mary and Harold Zlot


Island Legacy Society

The Island Legacy Society recognizes individuals who treasure Seacology’s mission and have taken steps to ensure that our important work continues. Their commitment encourages others to consider similar gifts that will allow future generations to benefit from our commitment to island conservation. Learn more about the Island Legacy Society.


Frank W. and Margaret B. Adelstein Fund*

Marie-Louise Ansak

Larry and Wendy Barels Charitable Remainder Trust

Michael Burbank & Cindy Roberts

Kimo Campbell*

Paul and Barbara Cox

Rosalind Douglas Trust*

Graham Farrar Living Trust

Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Feigenbaum*

Kathryn Fox-Winokur

Susan Friedman

Christy Gavitt

Eliot Girsang & Richard Wilson

Kathleen Goetten*

Hank and Jane Goichman

Mr. G. Morgan Griffin

Craig Grube

Scott Halsted

Doug and Leni Herst

Michael N. Hofman and Janet Moyer

The Hotham Family Trust

Cynthia Hubach, in honor of Richard A. Hubach, PhD.

Carlton A. Hubbell Trust*

Shanna Jamieson

Dr. Kimberly Johnson

Sara Katz

Masayuki Kishimoto

Mr. Raleigh Klein

Ken Murdock

Mark Murzin* and Krista Knoernschild

Dana Nojima and Elaine Lyford-Nojima

Matsuno Kuhara Patrick

Mickey Petersen Charitable Fund*

Peter Pistor

Robert D. Plotnick and Gay L. Jensen

Shari Sant Plummer

John C. and Susan C. Racanelli

Gordon Radley

Kristin Reed

Judith Rosenthal

James and Gretchen Sandler

Guy and Jeanine Saperstein

Joseph and Catherine Scalzo

Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Selig

Duane Silverstein and Marcia Stewart

Rose & Arthur Silverstein Memorial Fund*

Mr. Lindley S. Sloan

Michael and Marilyn Staffieri Family Trust

Sandie N. Tillotson Foundation

Cindy and Richard Troop

James L. Walker, IV

Alex Weinstein, MD and Betty Helton, MD

Erin West

Herbert A. West

Greg and Pat White

Marsha Garces Williams

*In memoriam


Board of Directors

We are most grateful for the generosity and leadership of our Board of Directors. Each Seacology Board member makes a generous personal gift each year, and their contributions represent a significant portion of Seacology’s total fundraising.

Companies and Foundations

11th Hour Racing

2032 Trust

Argus Fund

Arntz Family Foundation

The Bruning Foundation

The Keith Campbell Foundation for the Environment, Inc.

Clif Bar Family Foundation

Ray and Dagmar Dolby Fund

Flora Family Foundation

Frank and Margaret Adelstein Fund

The Giant Steps Foundation

Global Resilience Partnership (GRP)/KPMG East Africa

Goatie Foundation

Hamill Family Foundation

The Hellman Foundation

International Foundation

Arthur L. and Elaine V. Johnson Foundation

Jamieson Foundation

Leiter Family Foundation

The Margot Marsh Biodiversity Fund

Mariposa Fund

Marisla Foundation

Matson Foundation

The Mennen Environmental Foundation

Moore Family Foundation

Network for Good

New Earth Foundation

Newman and Zeneth Ward Family Foundation

Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation

Nu Skin International Inc./Pharmanex LLC

Orange County Community Foundation

Bernard Osher Foundation

The White Pine Fund

Y & H Soda Foundation