We are most grateful for the generosity and leadership of our Board of Directors. Each Seacology Board member made a generous personal gift in the past year. Board contributions represent a significant portion of Seacology’s total fundraising.

Fellows program

Fellows are committed friends of Seacology, whose great generosity lets us help preserve island environments and cultures around the globe. We are deeply grateful for Fellows’ participation and are happy to offer them these benefits. Our current Fellows give annually in three distinguished tiers:

Chief Ulu Fellows ($25,000 or more)

Argus Fund
Robert Epstein and Amy Roth
Maja Kristin
Alice and Leslie E. Lancy Foundation
Nadine Tang and Bruce Smith
Stephen Silberstein
Newman and Zeneth Ward Family Foundation

Island Fellows ($10,000-$24,999)

Albert Chao
Robert Dion and Mary O’Malley
Friedman Family Foundation
Robert and Rosemary Heil
Arthur Kern
Mariposa Fund
Shari Sant Plummer
Eva and William S. Price III
Anne Symchych
Paul and Leigh Tischler
Greg and Pat White
Karen and Burt Yarkin

Seacology Fellows ($2,500-$9,999)

Yvonne Adams and Jeremy Green
Carl and Claire Anderson
Larry and Wendy Barels
Linda Benge
Renee Boicourt
Iain Boltin
Pete Boyce
Michael Burbank
Craig and Nana Chiappone
Lang and Jean Chou
Virginia and Peter Dimsey
Gordon Firestein and Doris Lang
Kathryn Fox-Winokur
Robert and Michelle Friend
Markus Fromherz and Heike Schmitz
Theodore and Frances Geballe
George and Kelly Glascock Family
Ian Glascock
John and Marcia Goldman
Nan Guslander
Esmond Harmsworth Charitable Foundation
Terri Hearsh
Edward Herbert and May Fung
Thomas and Bonnie Herman
Michael Hofman and Janet Moyer
Cynthia Hubach
Reed Kathrein
Suzanne Keith
Murray and Jeanie Kilgour
John and Janet Kister
Annette Leckie
David and Valerie London
Mary Love May and Paul Gabrielson
Brian and Caroline Lurie
Freya and Kenneth Mahaffey
Mel McCombie and Harris Friedberg
John McCosker
Barbara Meyer
Mark Murzin* and Kris Knoernschild
Michael Neidorf
Dana Nojima and Elaine Lyford-Nojima
Buffy Redsecker and Alan Chung
Judith Rosenthal
Jozef Ruck and Donna Ito
Joe Scalzo
Rand and Carol Selig
Charles and Susan Selvidge
Ruth Selvidge and Philippe Moutarlier
Kathryn and Charley Selvidge
Howard and Ann Sohn
Gilda and Warren Sprung
Duane Silverstein and Marcia Stewart
Judah Slavkovsky
Barbara Sweet
Christine Symchych and James McNulty
Maria Taft Swanson
Sonia Toledo
Cherri and Randall Tom
Jake Warner and Toni Ihara
Todd Werby and Nonie Greene
Wayne and Julissa Westerman
Scott Wilson and Lucy Cummings

*In memoriam

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