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May 2023

Saving the Swamper: from menu item to mascot

By Mary Randolph Program Manager   Most tourists go to mangrove forests eager to see the abundant birdlife. They spot birds as they enjoy a peaceful paddle among the trees’ stilt-like roots, which rise from brackish water along coastlines all over the world. Not me. I was looking for a lizard. And not just any […]

May 2023

Miles for mangroves: Dominicans hit the trail in inaugural coastal run 

By Karen Peterson Senior Manager of Special Initiatives   In what has become an annual tradition, a group of Seacology staff and supporters went to  the Dominican Republic (DR) in April to meet with our project partners and communities engaged in our country-wide DR Mangrove Initiative. Along with visiting mangrove conservation and livelihood projects, a […]

April 2023

A long-term investment in education and forests in Fiji

In northern Fiji, a community’s ongoing partnership with Seacology will soon help kids learn valuable computer skills, while protecting important island ecosystems on and offshore. We began working with the people of Qumusea District, more than a decade ago. In 2012, Seacology funded the construction of a kindergarten for children from four local villages, and […]

March 2023

Remembering Masayuki Kishimoto

Seacology is saddened to report the passing of Mr. Masayuki Kishimoto, a longtime member of the Seacology Board.  Mr. Kishimoto’s pioneering spirit in conservation was manifest in many Seacology projects in Samoa, Fiji, Japan, and other islands of the Pacific and Southeast Asia. He played a key role in the establishment of our affiliate, Seacology […]

March 2023

Meet Jaragua´s galliwasp: New lizard discovered by Dominican partners

Seacology’s efforts to protect mangrove forests in the Dominican Republic can claim a lot of milestones: a dozen projects, our national initiative to engage the public about the importance of these ecosystems, educational events, a sports-and-conservation program that have reached thousands of kids, and more. But it’s not every day we can say we were […]

March 2023

Bats, birds, and dugongs among species to benefit from new projects

We’re excited to introduce you to seven new Seacology projects! These partnerships will protect more than 8,000 acres of diverse and vulnerable island habitat and the unique plants and animals that live there.  Several of them also focus on locally managed ecotourism, which is making a post-pandemic comeback around the world. Our support will help […]

January 2023

Opportunity for kids, hope for lemurs in rural Madagascar

Madagascar—the world’s fourth-largest island—is renowned for its fascinating plants and animals, most of which are found nowhere else on earth. The country’s playful lemurs, brilliantly colored reptiles and amphibians, and otherworldly forests have inspired countless nature documentaries (and a popular animated film franchise). Tens of thousands of tourists arrive each year to see the natural […]

January 2023

Island communities lead the way to coral reef conservation in the Philippines 

The Coral Triangle — an expanse of tropical ocean spanning much of Southeast Asia and the South Pacific — has long been a priority for conservation leaders. As its name suggests, the region and its many islands are home to countless coral reefs and the enormous biodiversity they support. One area in particular, the Verde […]

January 2023

Rachel Dibner joins Seacology board

This month, Seacology welcomed Rachel Dibner to our board of directors. Dibner is co-president of The Argus Fund, a family foundation that she and her husband Mark established in 2007. She is deeply involved in the research, gifting, and financial responsibilities associated with day-to-day, long-term, and strategic fund operations. Due to its broad mission statement, […]

December 2022

A year of conservation success, thanks to you!

Frankly, we didn’t expect to get so much done in 2022! But despite a turbulent economy, the lingering pandemic, and the environmental challenges facing many islands, we helped islanders all over the world conserve their ecosystems and strengthen their communities. We’ll have a more comprehensive review in our upcoming annual report, but here are a […]