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Juvenile Queen conch successfully relocated to marine park

March 26, 2024

To help restore a species threatened by illegal harvesting, Seacology project at Lac Bay recently introduced cultured juvenile Queen conches to the Caribbean island of Bonaire. The year-old mollusks, which were raised at a hatchery in Curaçao, were transferred to Lac Bay to augment the existing conch population. 

The move was made with the help of local fishing cooperatives in both locations, FKUP and Piscabon, as well as our project partner, the Bonaire National Parks Foundation. WWF Dutch Caribbean provided generous funding for the project.

So far, the conches are doing well in their protected environment, and the project’s initial research is yielding positive results. 

The large shellfish, which can grow up to 12 inches, are economically and culturally significant in Bonaire, but are at risk due to overfishing.

To learn more about the research used to inform this project, check out the report in Nature Today.