• January 2020

    Seacology director interviews Cook Islands Prime Minister Henry Puna

    On Wednesday, January 8, Seacology Executive Director Duane Silverstein moderated a discussion with His Excellency Henry Puna, Prime Minister of the Cook Islands. The public forum, held at the Commonwealth Club of California in San Francisco, touched on the Cook Islands’ recent recognition by the OECD as a developed nation, the country’s strategy for dealing […]

  • November 2019

    Kenya projects ensure water security while protecting vital ecosystems

    In prosperous countries, it’s easy to take physical and economic security for granted. But for people in much of the developing world, these things are precarious. Overfishing depletes food supplies and stifles economic opportunity for growing populations, jeopardizing people’s livelihoods. Climate change leads to droughts and storms of increasing frequency and severity. Among the results: […]

  • November 2019

    Project to safeguard lagoon in Philippines wraps up

    Mangroves and seagrass are remarkable plants, which provide outsized benefit to their surrounding environment. They provide shelter and food for marine life and shield coastlines from storms. Perhaps most important, they sequester far more atmospheric carbon than any type of terrestrial foliage. And a recently completed Seacology project protects both of these valuable ecosystems. Manamoc […]

  • November 2019

    Sri Lanka partners win presidential recognition

    Sudeesa, our partner NGO in the Sri Lanka Mangrove Conservation Project, received a prestigious award last month from president Maithripala Sirisena. Sirisena, whose term ended this month, presided over the annual awards ceremony, which recognized Sri Lankan institutions and individuals who have shown stewardship of the island country’s environment. Sudeesa was the only NGO to […]

  • September 2019

    Malaysian activist Peter Kallang wins 2019 Seacology Prize

    Peter Kallang, a member of Sarawak’s indigenous Kenyah community, is the winner of the 2019 Seacology Prize for leading a successful campaign to halt the building of a series of mega-dams on Borneo. The dams would have flooded vast tracts of land, including pristine rainforests, and dislocated tens of thousands of indigenous people. The Seacology […]

  • August 2019

    Remembering Seacology Prize recipient Gina Lopez

    With great sadness we learned this week of the passing of Gina Lopez. A tireless advocate for conservation in the Philippines, Lopez rose to the highest environmental post in her country’s government, only to be removed from the position for sticking to her principles, and for doing her job enforcing neglected environmental laws. She bravely […]

  • July 2019

    Helping a remote Malaysian village resist the devastation of palm oil

    By Chris Wright Malaysia Field Representative “This tree is full of spirits,” said Najib, as we hummed downstream, carving our way just above the water’s surface, in an elongated, carved-wood boat no bigger than your average kayak. In fact, I can remember my father and myself falling into rivers from plastic kayaks that were probably […]

  • June 2019

    David Attenborough narrates video on Seacology’s Sri Lanka project

    Late last year, Seacology’s nationwide mangrove conservation project in Sri Lanka was named a recipient of the UNFCCC Momentum for Change award. One of the most exciting moments of receiving this recognition from the United Nations was finding out that our project would be featured in a video narrated by the one and only Sir […]

  • June 2019

    New projects safeguard diverse habitats, promote sustainability

    Last week, Seacology’s board of directors gave a green light to eight new projects! These partnerships with island communities in seven countries include our first project in Guatemala and a new collaboration with CEBSE, the Dominican Republic conservation group led by last year’s Seacology Prize winner, Patricia Lamelas. They will protect thousands of acres of […]

  • May 2019

    UN extinction report: an alarming wakeup call

    “One million species at risk of extinction.” “World on notice.” “Humans accelerating extinction of other species.” These alarming headlines earlier this month were prompted by the United Nations release of a summary of its upcoming report on the grave threats that human activity poses to the Earth’s biodiversity. The report outlines four main areas of […]

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