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Save the Sri Lankan leopard

April 22, 2024

The majestic Sri Lankan leopard still roams the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka, but it has disappeared from much of the country. Fewer than 1,000 leopards are left in the country, and the population is decreasing.

Starting on Earth Day, April 22, you can help protect this vulnerable species by funding wildlife corridors and Forest Guardian conservation training programs in the Sri Lankan Highlands!

This project, in partnership with the Wilderness & Wildlife Conservation Trust (WWCT), will maintain 17 miles of wildlife movement corridors and create 15 new conservation programs for local communities. With your support, we can ensure a sustainable future for the Sri Lankan leopard, the majestic Central Highlands, and the people who call this special place home.

As Forest Guardians, local youth receive conservation education in classrooms and in the field. This program helps young Sri Lankans, passionate about protecting their country’s natural heritage, grow into experienced stewards of their land.

The good news is that a little money goes a long way in Sri Lanka. With our goal of $24,000, we can fund 15 new Forest Guardian programs—each with a fully outfitted school resource room—and 40 outreach programs, engaging up to 20,000 local youth.

Members of our board of directors have made generous personal gifts to help kick off our campaign, and we’re excited to announce that the NuSkin Force For Good Foundation has offered to match $5,000 to ensure the success of this urgently needed project.

Your gift, large or small, will go directly to this project, helping to preserve Sri Lanka’s amazing leopards and helping Sri Lankans hold on to their spectacular ecological heritage—a thriving forest with unique and wonderful wildlife. Thank you so much for your support!