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January 2014

Kiwayu islanders install new freshwater well, protect endangered sea turtles

In January, workers finished installing a new well on Kiwayu Island, helping the island’s 4,000 residents get easier access to freshwater. Since the photo above was taken, workers also sealed the top and installed a water pump. The well is just one part of a project to help protect sea turtle habitat around the island, […]

January 2014

Tree seedlings to replenish Madagascar forest

Villagers in Antanandava, Madagascar grew over 6,000 tree seedlings as of last month in preparation for a major replanting effort to replenish clear-cut areas of Antanandava’s forest reserve. In exchange, we’ve provided funds to build a library and reading room for Antanandava students. Construction is expected to continue for a few more months. This is […]

December 2013

Ian Drysdale: Seacology’s Newest Field Rep

Seacology is happy to announce the addition of our newest field representative, Ian Drysdale of Honduras. Drysdale will represent Seacology in Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador acting as our local contact to monitor progress on existing projects and to find new project opportunities. Born in Guatemala, raised in El Salvador and […]

December 2013

Footbridge in Madagascar gives kids safe passage to new schoolhouse

Going to school wasn’t always so easy for the kids of Antsahaberaoka, a village in northern Madagascar. During the rainy seasons, many children simply couldn’t reach the school because the river running through the community rose too high to safely cross. More problems awaited them at the schoolhouse itself, which was made from dilapidated wood […]

November 2013

Repairing Earthquake Damage in the Philippines

This week Seacology approved a maintenance grant to repair a boardwalk on Bohol Island damaged by a major earthquake in mid October. We originally funded the construction of this 800-meter boardwalk, which winds through a mangrove forest near Bangaray San Vicente, in order to promote ecotourism and support the conservation of the mangroves. The 7.2 […]

November 2013

Seacology staff awaiting news on Philippines projects hit by typhoon

As recovery continues in the Philippines following Typhoon Haiyan, we are still gathering information on our projects in the region. Unfortunately, many of these communities are located in remote areas that are hard to reach even in the best of times. While we’re awaiting news from projects that may have been adversely affected, so far […]

November 2013

New boat to help raise conservation awareness in the Sundarbans

Workers completed renovations on a boat last month in the Sundarbans, giving local conservation groups an important tool to spread the word throughout the region about the importance of protecting mangrove forests. The boat is needed because the Sundarbans is a massive delta comprised of countless islands, and there’s little transportation infrastructure available to reach […]

October 2013

To protect sea turtle nests, Indonesian village turns to traditional law

This past month marked the official opening of the sea turtle guard post near Pelilit Village on Indonesia’s Nusa Penida Island which will help villagers keep sea turtle nesting sites safe from poachers. Of course, successful conservation requires more than just a guard post. In Pelilit, conservation rules for this beach (as well as for […]

October 2013

Marie Saleem Awarded 2013 Seacology Prize

Last Thursday night, Seacology awarded its 21st Seacology Prize to Marie Saleem, a marine conservation crusader from the Maldives. Over 140 people attended the event held at the David Brower Center in downtown Berkeley. In her acceptance speech, Marie spoke of the wide variety of ways she has helped protect the marine ecosystems in her […]