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November 2013

Seacology staff awaiting news on Philippines projects hit by typhoon

As recovery continues in the Philippines following Typhoon Haiyan, we are still gathering information on our projects in the region. Unfortunately, many of these communities are located in remote areas that are hard to reach even in the best of times. While we’re awaiting news from projects that may have been adversely affected, so far […]

November 2013

New boat to help raise conservation awareness in the Sundarbans

Workers completed renovations on a boat last month in the Sundarbans, giving local conservation groups an important tool to spread the word throughout the region about the importance of protecting mangrove forests. The boat is needed because the Sundarbans is a massive delta comprised of countless islands, and there’s little transportation infrastructure available to reach […]

October 2013

To protect sea turtle nests, Indonesian village turns to traditional law

This past month marked the official opening of the sea turtle guard post near Pelilit Village on Indonesia’s Nusa Penida Island which will help villagers keep sea turtle nesting sites safe from poachers. Of course, successful conservation requires more than just a guard post. In Pelilit, conservation rules for this beach (as well as for […]

October 2013

Marie Saleem Awarded 2013 Seacology Prize

Last Thursday night, Seacology awarded its 21st Seacology Prize to Marie Saleem, a marine conservation crusader from the Maldives. Over 140 people attended the event held at the David Brower Center in downtown Berkeley. In her acceptance speech, Marie spoke of the wide variety of ways she has helped protect the marine ecosystems in her […]

September 2013

Renovating a community hall on Tonga’s Ovaka Island, population 72

Ovaka Island’s 72 residents will soon have a refurbished community hall which they’ll use for meetings, classes, and various events. Our field representative in Tonga reports that workers have already built an extension and painted the walls; next they’ll install a sink and plumbing for a kitchen, build a fence, and add tiling to the […]

September 2013

Boardwalk through mangrove forest in the Philippines nearly complete

A new 800-meter boardwalk through a mangrove forest on Bohol Island, Philippines is nearly complete. Once finished, it will help the village of San Vicente protect not only their forest, but surrounding fishing areas as well. By funding this boardwalk project, we’re helping San Vicente continue a conservation effort that began in 1999 after a […]

September 2013

After hurricane, cabana in the Bahamas is rebuilt

This month, workers in the Bahamas’ Fowl Cays National Park (FCNP) successfully rebuilt a cabana destroyed by a hurricane late last year. The cabana is part of our project to help Bahamas National Trust (BNT) manage two of the country’s national parks. We provided funds for cabanas and signage to be installed in FCNP and […]

September 2013

6,000 mangrove trees planted in Fiji

Mangrove restoration continued this month in Fiji’s Qumusea district, as schoolkids chipped in to help plant 6,000 new trees. These mangroves will help prevent erosion, which can hurt nearby coral reefs, and provide protection from major storm surges. But 6,000 trees is just the start: the plan is to plant a total 50,000 new mangrove […]

August 2013

Seacology breaks ground on first project in Chile

This month, construction began on a visitor’s center on Quinchao Island, kicking off our first project in Chile. We’re funding the visitor’s center in exchange for the creation of a 100-acre coastal wetland reserve, the summer home of thousands of shorebirds including the Hudsonian godwits and whimbrels. Many of these birds migrate from as far […]