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New projects safeguard diverse habitats, promote sustainability

June 19, 2019

Last week, Seacology’s board of directors gave a green light to eight new projects! These partnerships with island communities in seven countries include our first project in Guatemala and a new collaboration with CEBSE, the Dominican Republic conservation group led by last year’s Seacology Prize winner, Patricia Lamelas. They will protect thousands of acres of marine and terrestrial island habitat while supporting the development of ecotourism and other sustainable economic opportunities. Here’s a quick look at them:

Chile: Autení Island
Increased patrolling of a 772-square-mile permanent marine protected area, in exchange for a Seacology grant for a solar-powered waste management center

Dominican Republic: El Limón Lagoon
Enforcement of a 2,676-acre protected area that includes lagoon, mixed vegetation, and mangrove habitat for 15 years, in exchange for repair and improvement of ecotourism infrastructure

Federated States of Micronesia: Oneisomw Island
Five no-take marine zones, totaling 10,403 acres, for 10 years, in exchange for community resource center

Guatemala: Santo Tomás de Castilla Bay
New 67-acre fish replenishment zone, in exchange for ecotourism equipment, technical help to prepare request for official protection of the zone, scholarships for fishers’ children, and solar power at a visitors center

Madagascar: Mandena and Manantenina Villages
Increased monitoring and protection of 3,500 acres of rainforest, in exchange for a grant to repair four tourist bungalows to encourage valuable ecotourism

Malaysia: Malapi Village
Protection of 185 acres of forest for 15 years, in exchange for a gravity-fed clean water supply system for the village

Malaysia: Tiga Village
Protection of 5,548 acres of forest for 20 years, in exchange for a grant to help the village develop ecotourism with trails, signage, and guest chalet

Philippines: Mount Isarog
Protection of 783 acres of watershed for 20 years, in exchange for training and facilities to provide alternative livelihoods for a marginalized community