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Remembering Seacology Prize recipient Gina Lopez

August 21, 2019

With great sadness we learned this week of the passing of Gina Lopez. A tireless advocate for conservation in the Philippines, Lopez rose to the highest environmental post in her country’s government, only to be removed from the position for sticking to her principles, and for doing her job enforcing neglected environmental laws. She bravely stood up to powerful mining interests and banned open-pit mining throughout the country. She played a vital role in the rehabilitation of the Pasig River and other important watersheds. And through her continuing activism after her time in government, she helped inspire the next generation of Filipino conservationists.

In recognition of her integrity and fearless advocacy for threatened habitats and marginalized people in the Philippines, Lopez was awarded the Seacology Prize in 2017. It was our great privilege to meet her, and we will continue do our best to honor her legacy through our work in the country she gave so much to.

Read the New York Times obituary of Lopez here.