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UN extinction report: an alarming wakeup call

May 17, 2019

“One million species at risk of extinction.” “World on notice.” “Humans accelerating extinction of other species.” These alarming headlines earlier this month were prompted by the United Nations release of a summary of its upcoming report on the grave threats that human activity poses to the Earth’s biodiversity.

The report outlines four main areas of concern: overfishing, the acceleration of climate change due to the burning of fossil fuels, pollution, and the impact of invasive species. We work to combat each of these threats by funding:

Of course, we’re just one small organization, and tackling these global problems requires a multifaceted, worldwide effort. Seacology focuses on protecting island habitats because most extinctions happen on islands—on an isolated island, a local threat can wipe out entire species. Because we work only on islands, dollar-for-dollar, our work has an outsized positive impact. Thank you for supporting Seacology as we do our part in facing these unprecedented challenges.