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In solidarity with the people of Sri Lanka

April 22, 2019

Here at Seacology, our hearts are heavy with the devastating news from Sri Lanka. The senseless attacks as worshipers gathered for Easter services, as well as at hotels where families and friends gathered to share a meal, have befallen a nation that has seen far too much tragedy in the past several decades. As the nation is home to Seacology’s largest-ever project, the Sri Lanka Mangrove Conservation Program (SLMCP), we immediately reached out to staff of our project partner, Sudeesa. We are incredibly relieved to report that Sudeesa staff members are all safe. We are still awaiting information regarding whether any of our Community Beneficiary Organization members (the women and youth who are engaged in the program’s livelihood and mangrove conservation activities, and who number in the thousands around the country) were affected.

Seacology’s deep connection to Sri Lanka’s people and beautiful ecosystems remains stronger than ever. As we continue in our final year of the SLMCP, we continue to work closely with Sudeesa to protect the country’s mangrove ecosystems, and strengthen the resilience of coastal communities around the island.

As our hearts ache for those affected, we stand strong with the people of Sri Lanka.