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May 2014

Mooring buoys helping protect coral off Palawan Island

In May, volunteers in the Philippines began installing mooring buoys in Palawan Island’s Bacuit Bay, launching a new effort to help protect the bay’s rich coral reef ecosystem against the stress of increased tourism. With the buoys in place, boaters will be able to experience the reef without hurting it, eliminating the need to drop […]

May 2014

Newest Field Rep: Cook Islands’ Tuaine Tuara

We’re pleased to announce we’ve added Tuaine Tuara to our worldwide roster of Seacology field representatives. Tuara will help Seacology execute projects throughout her home nation of the Cook Islands. Tuara is a conservation advocate from Mangaia, the second largest of the Cook Islands. In 1999 she and her husband founded the Mangaia Tanga’eo Environmental […]

April 2014

2013 Annual Report released

We’re pleased to share with you our Annual Report for 2013, which you can see via the link below: Seacology’s 2013 Annual Report We are very proud of the work covered in this report — Seacology continues to fund projects that conserve environments and help people meet basic needs on islands around the world. See […]

April 2014

Pearl farming on Namdrik Atoll

On this remote atoll in the Pacific Ocean, a new black pearl farming operation we helped launch is up and running, providing Namdrik’s 600 residents with a lucrative industry that’s also eco-friendly. Cultivating black pearls (also called black Tahitian pearls) involves inserting a “bead” – typically a rounded piece of shell — into a Black-lip […]

April 2014

Honoring Seacology Fellow David London (1950-2014)

This week, Seacology was saddened to learn of the passing of dedicated Seacology Fellow Dr. David London. David A. London, M.D., devoted husband, father, and physician – March 14, 1950 – March 26, 2014. 28-year resident of Portola Valley, California. We mourn the loss of David, beloved husband, best friend and soul mate to his […]

April 2014

Seacology protecting critical drop bear habitat in Tasmania

BERKELEY, CA, APRIL 1 – This month, Seacology launched its first ever project on Tasmania protecting critical forest habitat for the reclusive drop bear (plummetus Thylarctos), a ferocious relative of the koala known for attacking unsuspecting hikers by literally dropping down from the treetops. In exchange for the creation of a new 200-acre drop bear […]

March 2014

Shorebirds, pangolin among species protected by new Seacology projects

In February we launched six new projects on islands around the world, including our first ever in Argentina where we’re helping protect the habitat of shorebirds (like the Red Knot, pictured) who migrate all the way from the Arctic each year. Meanwhile, our new project in Bali, Indonesia protects habitat for pangolins and leaf-eating monkeys. […]

March 2014

New Sri Lanka Field Rep: Leela Padmini Batuwitage

We’re happy to announce we’ve added Sri Lanka’s Leela Padmini Batuwitage to our roster of field representatives. Padmini is a Charted Civil Engineer with a Ph.D (The Netherlands) and three Masters Degrees: Master of Engineering (Sri Lanka), Master of Science (Ireland), Master of Public Administration (Harvard University-USA). She has been actively involved in sustainable development […]

February 2014

Seacology Launches First Project in Argentina

Expanding to its 52nd country, Seacology launched its first ever project in Argentina, helping protect nearly 200 acres of wetland coastal habitat on Tierra del Fuego. Seacology will be working with the local conservation group Asociación Ambiente Sur protect the area, providing funds for fences, bird watching platforms, and signage. The region is an important […]

February 2014

Kristin M. Reed joins Seacology’s Board of Directors

Seacology is proud to announce Kristin M. Reed as the newest member of our Board of Directors. Reed serves as Strategic Advisor to Olazul, leading program strategy and directing program management for the organization. A trained social scientist interested in the nexus between human rights and environment, Reed directed the University of California Human Rights […]