• June 2019

    Mount Isarog

    Conservation benefit: Protection of 783 acres of watershed for 20 years

    Community benefit: Training and facilities for alternative livelihoods

  • June 2019

    Tiga Village

    Conservation benefit: Protection of 5,548 acres of forest for 20 years

    Community benefit: Ecotourism initiative, including trails, signage, and chalet

  • June 2019

    Malapi Village

    Conservation benefit: Protection of 185 acres of forest for 15 years

    Community benefit: Gravity-fed clean water supply system

  • June 2019

    Mandena, Manantenina, and Ambohimanarina Villages

    Conservation benefit: Increased monitoring and protection of 3,500 acres of forest

    Community benefit: Repair of four ecotourism bungalows and restroom block

  • June 2019

    Santo Tomás de Castilla Bay

    Conservation benefit: New 67-acre fish replenishment zone; environmental education

    Community benefit: Ecotourism equipment, technical help to prepare request for fish replenishment zone, scholarships for fishers’ children, solar power

  • June 2019

    Oneisomw Island

    Conservation benefit: Five no-take marine zones, totaling 10,403 acres, for 10 years

    Community benefit: Community resource center

  • June 2019

    El Limón Lagoon

    Conservation benefit: Enforcement of a 2,676-acre protected area consisting of lagoon, mixed vegetation, and mangrove habitat for 15 years

    Community benefit: Repair and improvement of ecotourism infrastructure

  • June 2019

    Autení Island

    Conservation benefit: New 772-square-mile permanent marine protected area
    Community benefit: Solar-powered waste management center

  • February 2019

    Natividad Island

    Conservation benefit: Remove scrap metal and restore bird nesting area

    Community benefit: Waste compactor to help community property dispose of metal and encourage low-impact tourism

  • February 2019

    Toloa Rainforest Reserve

    Conservation benefit: Protecting and restoring 52 acres of the Toloa Rainforest Reserve for 20 years

    Community benefit: Information and Education Center

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