• February 2019

    Natividad Island

    Conservation benefit: Remove scrap metal and restore bird nesting area

    Community benefit: Waste compactor to help community property dispose of metal and encourage low-impact tourism

  • February 2018

    Isabel Island National Park

    Conservation benefit: 528-acre no-fishing zone around protected island for at least 18 years; mooring buoys

    Community benefit: Lobster shelters

  • August 2017


    Video for visitors to the Cozumel Marine Protected Area

  • February 2017

    Holbox Island

    Conservation benefit: Reduced pollution from untreated sewage; replanting of deforested 2.5-acre area

    Community benefit: Toilet facilities with rainwater collection and storage system and solar-powered water treatment system

  • June 2016

    Contoy Island

    Conservation benefit: 3,927-acre permanent lobster refuge

    Community benefit: Restoration of five fishermen’s shelters

  • June 2011

    Isla Natividad

    Two cabins for ecotourists, surfers, and scuba divers, in exchange for the protection of a 1,120-acre area, including three islets, for a minimum of 10 years

  • January 2010

    Guadalupe Island

    Conservation benefit: Sea water desalination system
    Community benefit: 1,235-acre marine reserve for 10 years

  • December 2000

    Guadalupe Island

    Construction of a goat exclosure fence to protect fragile plant communities

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