• June 2019

    El Limón Lagoon

    Conservation benefit: Enforcement of a 2,676-acre protected area consisting of lagoon, mixed vegetation, and mangrove habitat for 15 years

    Community benefit: Repair and improvement of ecotourism infrastructure

  • June 2017

    Oviedo Lagoon

    Conservation benefit: Community patrol and monitoring in Jaragua National Park

    Community benefit: Capacity-building and infrastructure for ecotourism

  • June 2017

    Montecristi Province

    Conservation benefit: Community engagement in mangrove protection

    Community benefit: Training and employment of youth in kayak mangrove tourism

  • June 2017

    Las Garitas

    Conservation benefit: Awareness and promotion of mangrove ecosystem conservation

    Community benefit: Mangrove boardwalk for environmental education and ecotourism

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