• June 2017

    Agdangan Municipality

    Conservation benefit: Protection of two no-take fish sanctuaries (301 acres total) and 124 acres of mangroves for 15 years

    Community benefit: Construction of an environmental education center and 400-meter mangrove boardwalk

  • February 2017


    Conservation benefit: Protection of 132 acres of mangrove forest for 30 years; mangrove nursery

    Community benefit: Daycare center

  • February 2016

    Abatan River

    Conservation benefit: Protection of Abatan River and the mangroves along Maribojoc Bay for 10 years

    Community benefit: Funds to rebuild tourist docks and an amphitheater

  • February 2016

    San Carlos

    Conservation benefit: Protection of 287-acre no-take fish sanctuary for 25 years

    Community benefit: Multipurpose building that will, among other uses, be a venue for an alternative learning system for children

  • Taal Lake, Luzon Island

    Repair and improvement of the Taal Lake Conservation Center, in support of a 1,000-hectare (2,471-acre) fish sanctuary

  • June 2014

    Sitio Layag, Sibuyan Island

    Solar lighting units in support of a 1,000-hectare (2,471-acre) watershed forest, Sitio Layag, Barangay Taclobo, Municipality of San Fernando, Sibuyan Island, Romblon Province

  • June 2013

    Bacuit Bay, Palawan Island

    Purchase and installation of mooring buoys in support of a total of 2,251 acres within 30 Marine Protected Areas in Bacuit Bay, Municipality of El Nido, Palawan Island

  • June 2012

    San Vicente, Bohol

    Construction of an 800-meter (875-yard) boardwalk, in support of the protection of 56.25 hectares (139 acres) of mangrove forest for 12 years

  • June 2011

    Malhiao, Cebu Island

    Construction of a boardwalk and viewing deck, in support of a 73-hectare (180-acre) mangrove area for 15 years.

  • January 2011

    Canipo, Palawan Province

    Construction of a multipurpose building in support of the extension of a 15-hectare (37-acre) Marine Protected Area for an additional 20 years

  • July 2010

    Sitio Lobo and Barangay Ned, Mindanao Island

    Micro-hydro power generator and fruit tree nursery, in support of the protection of 6,178 acres of watershed forest in the 18,150-acre ancestral claim of the T’boli and Manobo tribes

  • January 2010

    Pantudlan, Cabilao Island

    Renovation and conversion of a Spanish-era lighthouse into a Tourism Information Center, in exchange for the creation of an additional 50 acres of Marine Protected Area

  • June 2008

    Palaui Island

    Renovation of multipurpose hall, in exchange for the establishment of a 5,369-acre forest reserve for 20 years

  • June 2008

    Old Bulatukan, Mindanao Island

    Micro-hydro power generator and fruit tree nursery, in support of the protection of 744 acres of watershed forest for 30 years

  • February 2008

    Sibaltan, New Ibajay, Villa Paz, and Mabini, Palawan

    Construction of guardhouses, purchase of conservation area patrol boats, equipment, buoys and signage, and purchase of cashew production equipment as an alternative livelihood enterprise, in exchange for establishment of a 1,317-acre marine protected area and in support of a 2,580-acre mangrove protected area, both for 25 years

  • January 2008

    Murcia, Negros Island

    Hydraulic ram pump water system, in support of the protection of 4,942 acres of forest

  • January 2008

    Barangay Manamoc

    Solar power supply systems for schools and health centers, in support of a 267-acre marine protected area

  • June 2007

    Barangay San Pedro, Biri, Philippines

    Building for a Barangay-managed drugstore in exchange for the establishment of a 25-acre marine sanctuary for a minimum of 20 years

  • June 2007

    Barangay Bagong Bayan, Palawan, Philippines

    Rehabilitation of micro-hydro power generator in exchange for the protection and conservation of a 2,039-acre forest reserve (including 124 acres of mangroves) in perpetuity

  • January 2007

    Barangay Rizal, Cuyo Island, Philippines

    Multipurpose building in support of a 247-acre Mangrove Forest Park (185-acre no-take zone) for a minimum of 20 years

  • July 2003

    Jandayan Island, Philippines

    Conservation benefit: Enforcement of three existing marine sanctuaries

    Community benefit: Support for sustainable alternative livelihoods

  • July 2003

    El Nido, Tres Marias, Philippines

    Community-based coral reef restoration and education program

  • November 2002

    Saavedra, Cebu, Philippines

    New guard post at Saavedra Fish Sanctuary

  • December 2000

    Catbalogan, Samar Island, Philippines

    Surgical mission

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