• June 2011


    Conservation benefit: Increasing the size of an existing forest conservation area from 1,100 hectares (2,718 acres) to 2,200 hectares (5,436 acres) for 25 years

    Community benefit: Permanent classroom facility

  • July 2010


    Conservation benefit: Establishment of a 988-acre no-take coastal marine conservation area

    Community benefit: Community health clinic

  • June 2006

    Torricelli Mountains

    Conservation benefit: Protection of two species of tree kangaroo
    Community benefit: Village chicken farming project

  • July 2005


    Conservation benefit: Support of the establishment of a 25-acre highlands forest conservation area

    Community benefit: Construction of a literacy school for the Gaigibi community

  • July 2005


    Conservation benefit: Establishment of a 25-acre coastal conservation area

    Community benefit: School buildings for the community

  • January 2005


    Conservation benefit: Expansion of a network of Locally Managed Marine Areas

    Community benefit: Re-roofing of buildings housing local community marine conservation NGO

  • November 2003

    Mt. Bosavi Region

    Conservation benefit: Support of several hundred thousand acres of rainforest protection

    Community benefit: Construction of three community resource centers

  • November 2001

    Stettin Bay Villages

    Conservation benefit: Demarcation of “no-take” coral reef zones

    Community benefit: Purchase and installation of mooring buoys, training

  • July 2000

    New Ireland Province

    Conservation benefit: Protection of marine biodiversity in sensitive coral reef habitat

    Community benefit: Purchase and installation of mooring buoys

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