New Ireland Province

July 2000

Conservation benefit: Protection of marine biodiversity in sensitive coral reef habitat

Community benefit: Purchase and installation of mooring buoys

Papua New Guinea (PNG) harbors some of the world’s greatest marine biodiversity. A single bay in PNG has more coral species than the entire Caribbean. The health of PNG’s coral ecosystems is threatened by damage from boat anchors and chains. To mitigate this damage, the local nonprofit organization Mahonia Na Dari (“guardians of the sea”) and the PNG Divers’ Association have begun to install mooring buoys in fragile reef areas throughout PNG.

Seacology’s grant covers the cost of new equipment that will enable local residents to install 200 mooring buoys. In order to ensure the long-term protection of PNG’s marine biodiversity, Mahonia Na Dari supplements the buoy project with a marine education program for indigenous Papua New Guineans. Seacology’s funds also assist with the production and distribution of educational materials to schools in PNG.

Project Updates
July 2005
Approximately 83 moorings have been installed in PNG with the Seacology-funded drill rig.
July 2004
To date, approximately 78 moorings have been installed in PNG with the Seacology -funded drill rig. Five more moorings are scheduled to occur this year around Kavieng in New Ireland Province,...
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