Mt. Bosavi Region

November 2003

Conservation benefit: Support of several hundred thousand acres of rainforest protection

Community benefit: Construction of three community resource centers

The Mt. Bosavi Region in southern Papua New Guinea encompasses about 2¬†million¬†acres of virgin rainforest. The indigenous residents of the region’s widely scattered 28 villages are highly dependent upon their environment. Kosuo Orogo Resource Holders Association Inc. (KORA) is a community-based organization begun by Bosavi clan leaders to promote greater awareness of the negative impacts of industrial logging and to encourage traditional beliefs in the sustainable use of natural resources.

As a result of KORA’s influence, community members have committed to rejecting large-scale logging proposals. They have also agreed to set aside five Wildlife Management Areas totaling several hundred thousand acres.

In exchange, Seacology is providing funding for three community resource centers and supplies for alternative income-generating activities. The World Wildlife Fund-Kikori is providing logistical help for this project.

Full or partial funding for this project provided by
Project Updates
June 2009
Construction of the last center at Bona Village has been halted since May 2007 due to a lack of village support and available contractors. In January 2009, a letter from Seacology was delivered to...
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January 2007
Two of the three community centers were completed in 2005, and support in the villages for the protected areas remains strong. In late 2006 villages in the Bosavi area celebrated the official...
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June 2006
This project is still experiencing delays due to the challenges of organizing logistics, especially finding flights to the Bosavi villages. The third and final resource center in Bona should be...
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January 2006
The second resource centre was constructed in June and all materials were delivered to the village for the third. However, difficult weather conditions for the duration of the wet season and...
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July 2005
Report from Seacology PNG Field Representative Helen Perks: "It seems there have been major heroics going on in the bush to make things work and I am amazed and impressed by the dedication and...
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June 2005
Materials are being purchased, and the two additional resource centers are expected to be completed in July 2005. With the help of the Environmental Law Center in Port Moresby and WWF-Kikori, 12...
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January 2005
The first of the three resource centers was completed in August 2004. A Seacology expedition visited the Mt. Bosavi project site in September 2004 to celebrate the official opening of the new...
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July 2004
Due to the extreme remoteness of the area, several organizations are currently coordinating with KORA to arrange for the transportation of materials and the construction of the three community...
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