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September 2014

A recap of our recent Fiji expedition

In October of 2013, Duane Silverstein and I gave a Seacology presentation at the National Aquarium to a rapt group of approximately 35 members, donors and individuals interested in conservation. We invited all to link up us on a first-ever expedition to Fiji with The National Aquarium to take part in visiting two of Seacology’s […]

September 2014

Seacology welcomes new Indonesia representative

Seacology is happy to welcome Iona Soulsby to our team as a new field representative in Indonesia. A native of New Zealand, Iona has a strong ecology background and has led mangrove-restoration projects on the island of Bali for the past five years. We’re looking forward to working with her!

August 2014

Seacology works to keep Sibuyan lights on

The Philippines’ Sibuyan Island is home to some of the world’s densest forest and several rare, endemic plant and animal species. In June, Seacology struck a deal with the island’s Mangyan tribe, who reside at the foot of Mount Guiting-Guiting, to safeguard almost a quarter of this pristine landscape, which has come under increasing pressure […]

July 2014

Kenya’s Shekue named 2014 Seacology Prize winner

We are excited to announce that this year’s winner is ‘Professor’ Ali Shaibu Shekue from Kenya. Though not a professor in the literal sense, Shekue is recognized throughout Kenya for his knowledge and skill pertaining to artisanal fisheries. He is among the few remaining old fishermen, and throughout his lifetime he has witnessed people being […]

July 2014

Seacology welcomes new Communications Assistant

Seacology has recently hired Joseph Clerici as our new Design and Communications Assistant and Webmaster. A Bay Area native and graduate of Humboldt State University’s journalism program, Joe brings a wide range of multimedia experience to the organization and has produced content for a variety of journalistic and nonprofit organizations, including the Coral Reef Alliance, […]

February 2013

Former Seacology Prize Winner Named Asst. Field Rep in Indonesia

In 2011, we awarded Irman Meilandi the Seacology Prize for his incredible work protecting the forests around his village of Mandalamekar, on Indonesia’s island of Java. We’re proud to announce that we’ve hired Irman to serve as an Assistant Field Representative in Indonesia, helping our primary Field Representative Arnaz Mehta oversee our projects in the […]