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July 2021

Seacology begins nationwide campaign to protect Dominican mangroves

By Karen Peterson The Caribbean nation of the Dominican Republic (DR), with its tourism-reliant economy, is famous for sandy beaches and beautiful coastal landscapes. Less known, but more important ecologically, are its 25,900 hectares of mangrove ecosystems. They host an incredible variety of birds, act as nurseries for fish, and protect coastlines from severe winds […]

May 2021

Job announcement: Marae Moana Public Outreach Coordinator

Project: Community support for Marae Moana, the world’s largest marine park Location: Cook Islands Duration: One year with potential renewal option Languages: English and Cook Islands Māori Start date: Immediately Schedule: 20 hours per week (flexible hours) Seacology is a nonprofit organization devoted solely to the preservation of island environments and cultures worldwide. Seacology is […]

February 2021

Woburn Clarkes Court Bay

  Protection of three miles of mangrove coastline; support of wildlife-based tourism and environmental education Repair of existing birdwatching platform, new small platform and signs The largest intact mangrove ecosystem in Grenada lies within the Woburn Clarkes Court Bay Marine Protected Area. The mangroves protect more than three miles of coastline from erosion and critical […]

December 2020

Islanders keep conservation going through a pandemic

I don’t have to tell you how strange and scary this year has been. I hope you and yours are safe and well. I’m happy to report that Seacology has weathered the dangers and uncertainties of 2020 surprisingly well. Many of our existing island conservation projects have made good progress, and we launched 19 new […]

November 2020

Protecting the Cook Islands’ Sacred Ocean

The Cook Islands is a nation of vastly more water than land. An expanse of ocean approximately the size of Mexico surrounds the small, scattered islands, some home to no more than a few dozen residents. Beneath the water’s surface is a rich ecosystem, filled with endangered turtles, 22 kinds of whales, and vibrant coral […]

June 2020

Mangroves–and coastal women–thrive in Sri Lanka

Seacology’s first nationwide project wraps up after five-year partnership By Karen Peterson Senior Manager for Special Initiatives Mangrove forests–those dense tangles of trees with their distinctive stilt-like roots, rising from brackish coastal waters–have become the focus of many conservation efforts. Healthy mangrove ecosystems provide immense benefits: They protect coastal communities from damaging wind and waves, […]

March 2020

Our work continues.

You’ve probably been hearing from a lot of organizations and businesses—so we’ll make this brief. We just want to assure you that Seacology is doing as much as we safely can to further our mission in these challenging times. Protecting our staff and community. We have canceled all travel for U.S. staff and are working from […]

September 2016

Stickers now available for donors

Share your passion for island conservation with one of our new Seacology stickers. For a limited time, we’ll send one to all new donors and any existing donor who makes a gift of $10 or more.