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April 2023

Save the Lanka Mangrove Museum

The pandemic and an unprecedented economic collapse in Sri Lanka shuttered this first-of-its-kind museum, built as part of our nationwide conservation project from 2015-19. Beginning this Earth Day, you can […]

July 2022

Saving seagrass in Puget Sound

The San Juan islands lie in the maze of waterways of the Salish Sea in northwestern Washington, just miles from the Canadian border. People from across the country and around […]

November 2021

Support islands this Giving Tuesday

It’s been a rough year and a half for the world’s islands and their people. Pandemic travel restrictions hit tourism-dependent islands especially hard, and in some places increased the pressure […]

September 2021

Seacology director named Ocean Hero

We’re excited and honored that our Executive Director, Duane Silverstein, has been named an Ocean Hero by The Salty Hands! The Canada-based organization promotes solutions that support ocean regeneration and […]