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April 2023

Save the Lanka Mangrove Museum

The pandemic and an unprecedented economic collapse in Sri Lanka shuttered this first-of-its-kind museum, built as part of our nationwide conservation project from 2015-19. Beginning this Earth Day, you can help us reopen this unique museum and support the dedicated volunteers who have maintained it through extraordinarily difficult times.

January 2023

Island communities lead the way to coral reef conservation in the Philippines 

The Coral Triangle — an expanse of tropical ocean spanning much of Southeast Asia and the South Pacific — has long been a priority for conservation leaders. As its name suggests, the region and its many islands are home to countless coral reefs and the enormous biodiversity they support. One area in particular, the Verde […]

September 2022

Steward of Madagascar’s rainforest continues to protect an oasis for wildlife

The Seacology Prize is awarded just once a year, but the dedicated work of its recipients rarely stops. Years or even decades after being honored, many Seacology Prize recipients–every one an inspiring environmental activist–are still working to defend fragile island habitats and stand up for indigenous communities. Case in point: Rabary Désiré of Madagascar, who […]

August 2022

RSVP today for the 2022 Seacology Prize Ceremony

Reservations are now open for the 2022 Seacology Prize Ceremony! Click below to RSVP for the free, online event and to be notified when we announce this year’s recipient early next month. This year’s award ceremony will stream live on YouTube on Thursday, October 6 at 7 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time. We will present a […]

July 2022

Saving seagrass in Puget Sound

The San Juan islands lie in the maze of waterways of the Salish Sea in northwestern Washington, just miles from the Canadian border. People from across the country and around the world visit to fish, boat, and observe the iconic orcas (killer whales) that frequent the area. Underlying this ecosystem is a critically important, but […]

April 2022

Help put a forest back together–and save endangered lemurs!

Brilliantly colored chameleons, baobab trees that look like they could have been lifted from a surrealist painting, and playful, wide-eyed lemurs–the island of Madagascar has so many unique species that it’s often called the “eighth continent.” Because of its history and geography, roughly 90 percent of the plants and animals on Madagascar are found nowhere […]

November 2021

Support islands this Giving Tuesday

It’s been a rough year and a half for the world’s islands and their people. Pandemic travel restrictions hit tourism-dependent islands especially hard, and in some places increased the pressure to exploit sensitive environments.  Fortunately, thanks to committed supporters like you, Seacology has been able to help our local partners around the world continue to […]

September 2021

Seacology director named Ocean Hero

We’re excited and honored that our Executive Director, Duane Silverstein, has been named an Ocean Hero by The Salty Hands! The Canada-based organization promotes solutions that support ocean regeneration and spotlights individuals leading the way for healthier oceans. Here’s some of what they had to say. “Inspiring leaders have a profound influence on the organisations […]