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Ways to help the people of Vanuatu

March 17, 2015

People have been asking us how they can help Vanuatu, a beautiful place with gracious people, who have taken such a blow from Cyclone Pam. Our thoughts are there, too—since 2005, Seacology has funded 11 projects on the islands of Vanuatu, including schools, community centers, and water systems, to help the communities there preserve their seas and forests.

Seacology is not a relief organization, and we don’t have the staff or expertise to deliver emergency aid. Our role will come after the immediate needs for food, water, shelter, and medical care on Vanuatu have been met, and the aid agencies have moved on to help people affected by other disasters. Working with our field representative there, we will assess the damage to Seacology projects and see how we can help.

If you’d like to contribute to emergency aid efforts in Vanuatu, we suggest a donation to MercyCorps ( or Oxfam (, two organizations skilled in providing effective, efficient disaster aid. You can also earmark a donation to Seacology for use in our Vanuatu rebuilding efforts. Thank you!