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March 2020

Our work continues.

You’ve probably been hearing from a lot of organizations and businesses—so we’ll make this brief. We just want to assure you that Seacology is doing as much as we safely can to further our mission in these challenging times. Protecting our staff and community. We have canceled all travel for U.S. staff and are working from […]

September 2016

Stickers now available for donors

Share your passion for island conservation with one of our new Seacology stickers. For a limited time, we’ll send one to all new donors and any existing donor who makes a gift of $10 or more.

July 2016

Seacology marks big successes in Sri Lanka on World Mangrove Day

A year into a groundbreaking program to protect all mangrove forests in Sri Lanka by enlisting the help of coastal communities, the news is good. The forests are being protected, and some of the poorest women in Sri Lanka are receiving microloans and job training. The world’s first mangrove museum was officially opened by Sri […]

June 2016

Seacology launches 10 new projects

Seacology is launching 10 new projects around the world, including our first ones in Cuba and Peru! This new work, spanning the globe and comprising tens of thousands of acres of protected habitat, will protect endemic species, strengthen fisheries, and support sustainable ecotourism. On Monday, our Board of Directors approved these projects: Cocodrilo, Cuba: Increased […]

May 2016

Seacology partners in PNG win prestigious UN conservation prize

We’d like to congratulate our friends at Papua New Guinea’s Wanang Conservation Area for being among the 2015 winners of the prestigious United Nations Development Programme Equator Prize! Former Seacology Prize winner Filip Damen has played a key role in the leadership of this successful protected area, and Seacology partnered with the WCA to expand […]

May 2016

A year of historic conservation for Sri Lanka’s mangroves

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year, but today marks the first anniversary of the largest and most ambitious project in Seacology’s history. On May 12, 2015, Executive Director Duane Silverstein, and leaders in Sri Lanka’s government and local NGO Sudeesa signed the agreement that established the island nation’s place in history as […]

May 2016

2015 Annual Report released

It’s hard to overstate how big 2015 was for Seacology. We launched the Sri Lanka Mangrove Conservation Project, the largest and most ambitious project in our history. At the same time we funded 15 other new Seacology projects and continued our support for dozens of active ones. We led guests on adventures to Cuba and […]

April 2016

Seacology statement on “lemur camp” confusion

The staff at Seacology would like to clarify and offer our apologies for the regrettable situation related to a recent project in northern Madagascar and are working to rectify the mistake quickly. Due to a series of translation and other errors, we misinterpreted a project proposal recently put to a vote by our board of […]

June 2015

Duane Silverstein pens guest blog for Tocqueville Foundation

The Tocqueville Foundation, a French-American partnership that recently named Seacology as a Laureate for the Prince’s Prize for Innovative Philanthropy, has published a guest blog entry by Executive Director Duane Silverstein about our new nationwide project in Sri Lanka. You can read Duane’s piece here.