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Support Dominican youth sports and mangroves

April 22, 2021

The loss of mangrove forests is a critical problem in the Dominican Republic. These coastal ecosystems protect communities from hurricanes, provide a nursery for reef fish, prevent erosion—and mitigate global warming by trapping huge amounts of carbon.

A key to protecting mangroves is to raise awareness of their importance with the next generation. And in the sports-loving DR, what better way than to combine environmental education with baseball and volleyball for kids? 

Seacology is launching an innovative program that delivers bats, balls and other sporting gear for kids who would otherwise not have access to it, in exchange for protecting the country’s threatened mangrove forests.

This new program will promote physical activity, teamwork, and leadership among Dominican boys and girls. Participants will learn how mangroves are crucial to the country’s health and economic well-being, and take a hands-on role in planting mangroves and cleaning up the coastlines.

You can help meet our goal of raising $15,000 by making a gift to support this groundbreaking initiative. (We would also love it if you would share the link with friends and family.) Our crowdfunding campaign starts on Earth Day, and 100% of the money we raise will go to sports equipment for Dominican kids. 

With gratitude,

Duane Silverstein,
Executive Director

P.S. At certain donation amounts, you can claim a very special gift! We are delighted to offer several baseballs and photos signed by major league baseball stars, which were donated by MLB teams in support of our efforts. Check out these great items on our crowdfunding page.