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Support islands this Giving Tuesday

November 29, 2021

It’s been a rough year and a half for the world’s islands and their people. Pandemic travel restrictions hit tourism-dependent islands especially hard, and in some places increased the pressure to exploit sensitive environments. 

Fortunately, thanks to committed supporters like you, Seacology has been able to help our local partners around the world continue to protect threatened island ecosystems. 

Just a few recent examples of how we’re making a real difference:

  • Our new nationwide mangrove-conservation project in the Dominican Republic is protecting critically important wetlands across the island nation. It supports sustainable local ecotourism, environmental education, and the removal of pollution. And our “Play For The Mangroves program” helps Dominican kids play the games they love while bringing them into the movement to protect their country’s environment. 
  • In Fiji, a Seacology-funded community center offered desperately needed shelter from a devastating cyclone. As more violent storms threaten island communities, new buildings constructed through Seacology projects are often the strongest structures in town and are keeping people safe.
  • Seacology works with villages across Malaysian Borneo to provide sustainable electricity from micro-hydro and protect the island’s dense forests, which are home to countless endangered species like orangutans and pangolins. Our first partnership just celebrated 20 years of successful conservation, and we launched a new one earlier this year.

There are many fantastic nonprofits to choose from on this Giving Tuesday, but Seacology is unique in our focus on island ecosystems and our approach of centering island communities. We hope you’ll consider making a gift to support this ongoing work today.


Duane Silverstein
Executive Director