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Dominican Republic projects safeguard key wetlands

February 20, 2020

Seacology only recently began working in the Dominican Republic, but our work there has already made a big impact. Our four projects in the country, located at Las Garitas, Montecristi Province, Oviedo Lagoon, and Limón Lagoon, are helping to protect some of the country’s most important mangrove ecosystems. We awarded the 2018 Seacology Prize to a longtime Dominican conservation leader, Patricia Lamelas, and her organization has become an important partner in our own work. And many local youth and entrepreneurs have benefited from Seacology’s investment in ecotourism initiatives in the country.

A group of our staff and board members recently visited the country and checked up on our project sites at Las Garitas and Limón Lagoon. A local filmmaker joined them and produced this excellent video profile of the two projects.