Terian, Borneo

July 2004

Conservation benefit: Protection of a 107-acre watershed and integrated watershed management

Community benefit: Community micro-hydro system

The Crocker Range National Park, also called “The Spine of Sabah,” covers 540 square miles of remote forest on the island of Borneo. It is one of the most important sanctuaries of biodiversity left in Sabah State, which developers have logged extensively.

Terian Village has agreed to protect a 107-acre watershed area. In return, Seacology will fund a micro-hydro energy system, which will provide clean electricity for the village. Micro-hydro systems create power by harnessing the vertical drop of a stream in the forest. Seacology is working with PACOS Trust, the Borneo Project, Green Empowerment and Tinimungan Popoburu Tulun (TINIPOT, or the Community Development Action Group of Terian) to complete this system.

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Project Updates
September 2018
The repaired micro-hydro installation is up and running, providing clean power to the village.
May 2018
It took three tries to get pipes for the micro-hydro system up to the village. But now they are there, and there have been regular community work sessions (gotong royong). Each household is...
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January 2018
December and January rains badly degraded the only road to Terian, and two attempts to bring in pipes for the micro-hydro system have failed. Still, there has been progress: two or three community...
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October 2017
After another landslide severely damaged the intake pipes that led from the river to the small powerhouse, Malaysia field representative Chris Wright traveled to this lovely, remote village...
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January 2007
After the mud slide in April the system was repaired to full operation in July 2006. The system is providing renewable electricity for lights, small appliances and agricultural processing. The...
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June 2006
The micro-hydro system was completed in June 2005. It is providing renewable electricity for lights, small appliances and agricultural processing. Training for the maintenance of the system...
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January 2006
In June, some sections of pipe had to be replaced due to damage by a fallen tree. Other trees along the headrace were removed to prevent future problems. In August, a community meeting was held to...
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July 2005
Project coordinator and 2004 Seacology Prize recipient Adrian Lasimbang reports that the last of the equipment was delivered to Terian by helicopter and that the turbine will be installed and...
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