Nanuca Village

June 2014

Conservation benefit: Protection of 1,134 acres of marine reserve and 208 acres of mangroves for 15 years

Community benefit: Community hall

Nanuca Village is located east of the town of Savusavu, toward Vanua Levu’s Buca Bay. The village created two marine protected areas, which have been official since 2012.  One tabu area encompasses approximately 338 hectares (835 acres) of marine environment from shore to reef, as well as 84 hectares (208 acres) of protected mangroves, both on shore and on two islands. The village designated these areas as no-take for a period of at least 10 years. Another 121-hectare (299-acre) protected marine area extends from the mean low tide mark to the reef break. The village opens the area for one week at Christmastime, and the decision to close it again is made yearly.

The community members and fishing community, with the help of a former Peace Corps volunteer, conducted transect surveys to determine the most appropriate locations for the tabu area. Two of the villagers received training and certification as Honorary Fish Wardens. They now have the authority to uphold village fishing ground rules, as well as Fiji law, regarding the marine environment.

Seacology is providing funding for a center to facilitate community meetings, conservation consultations, and children’s and women’s activities. In return, the community agreed to extend the protection of both reserve areas, totaling 459 hectares (1,134 acres) of marine reserve and 84 hectares (208 acres) of mangroves, for 15 years.

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Project Updates
July 2017
Seacology field representative Pettine Simpson and program manager Mary Randolph visited the community hall for a celebration that included food cooked by the village women, dancing, and singing....
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October 2016
The community center was opened in a festive ceremony attended by the village chief, Seacology field representative Pettine Simpson, and many others. Pettine is planning a survey of the two...
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March 2016
We were thrilled to hear from Fiji Field Representative Pettine Simpson that the new building withstood category-5 Cyclone Winston with no damage. In fact, more than half of the village's...
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January 2016
This sturdy and handsome building was completed in November 2015, with help from a team of engineers from the Fiji Military Forces. The building, which has a spacious main room, veranda, a...
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October 2015
The new community center is almost done. Field representatives Harry and Jackie Powell, along with Program Manager Mary Randolph, visited Nanuca and toured the building, which includes a spacious...
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May 2015
According to Field Representatives Harry and Jackie Powell, the first 20-ton truckload of building materials was delivered to the village on May 4, with the next load due a week later. A team of...
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January 2015
Building materials and water tanks have been purchased and will be delivered to the village as soon as engineers from the Fiji Military Forces are available to help village residents with...
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