Barangay Rizal, Cuyo Island

January 2007

Conservation benefit: Mangrove forest park (including no-take zone) for 20 years
Community benefit: Multipurpose building

The barangay (village) of Rizal, with a population of 2,065, is the largest village in the Municipality of Magsaysay, in the remote northeastern part of Cuyo Island. The Andres Soriano Foundation is working with Barangay Rizal as part of its Small Island Sustainable Development Program. The Barangay Council has agreed to preserve 247 acres of mangroves, including 185 acres as a no-take zone, for at least 20 years.

The villagers culture an edible seaweed called lato in commercial quantities in the controlled-use zone of the park. They realize, however, that they need to develop other livelihoods that are more environmentally friendly and sustainable. They also want to conduct coastal resource management trainings so they can better manage and protect the park.

In recognition of Barangay Rizal’s commitment to conserving its mangroves, Seacology is funding the construction of a multipurpose building. The building will be used for trainings, meetings, and monthly medical consultations.

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Project Updates
December 2010
Seacology provided a maintenance grant to the community to fund repainting the building and making various repairs, including fixing leaks in the ceiling.
June 2009
As of April 2009 the community continues to effectively manage the community center. Last March, the barangay adopted a resolution that will allow them to charge minimal fees for the use of the...
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May 2008
Rizal continues to use the center to hold community meetings for a variety of purposes, from health activities to fishing and farming meetings, to elections of community representatives. The...
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October 2007
The building was entirely completed in July 2007. An opening ceremony took place on August 30, 2007 with Seacology Field Representative Mr. Ferdie Marcelo in attendance as Seacology's representative.
June 2007
The project began in February 2007 with a presentation of the plans to the Municipality Mayor. The Mayor offered the services of the Municipal Engineer to supervise the construction work....
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March 2007
Plans for March through April 2007 include forming the community management committee for the mangrove park, purchasing and transporting materials for construction, and preparing the construction...
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