Sibaltan, New Ibajay, Villa Paz, and Mabini, Palawan

February 2008

Construction of guardhouses, purchase of conservation area patrol boats, equipment, buoys and signage, and purchase of cashew production equipment as an alternative livelihood enterprise, in exchange for establishment of a 1,317-acre marine protected area and in support of a 2,580-acre mangrove protected area, both for 25 years

The Southeast Asian nation of the Philippines has some of the world’s most diverse coral reefs, featuring far more species than are found in other parts of the world such as the Caribbean. Unfortunately, the Philippines is also home to some of the world’s most damaged reefs, with 85% of Philippine reefs negatively impacted by blast and cyanide fishing, overfishing, and pollution.

Four villages on the Philippine island of Palawan have agreed to protect 1,317 acres of threatened coral reef and an additional 2,580 acres of mangrove forest for a minimum of 25 years. In return, the villagers have asked Seacology, in cooperation with the El Nido Foundation, to provide funding for two guardhouses, patrol boats, marker buoys, and signs to enforce the new no-fishing reserve. As the villagers will be forgoing needed fishing income, they have also requested funding for shelling and roasting machinery for their fledgling cashew farming industry. (This is Seacology’s 50 Simple Things project.)

Project Updates
June 2011
A province-wide shortage of gravel and sand since December 2010 had caused delays in the construction of the guardhouses, one of which is now complete. New restrictions in quarrying areas of the...
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January 2011
The cashew processing machines had been procured and the villagers have been trained to use them. Personnel from the Department of Science and Technology conducted the training. The finished...
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June 2010
As of June 2010 Ferdie reports that since mid-last year, the El Nido community has been trying to fend off an attempt to dredge a portion of their bay to build a bigger port for an inter-island...
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April 2010
As of April 2010 Ferdie reports that consultations at the Municipal level have been going on, in relation to the municipal marine zonation processes being undertaken, facilitated by ENF. The...
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December 2009
Field representative Ferdie Marcelo reports that legal establishment of the sites has been completed with the passing of four municipal ordinances covering the mangrove areas within each barangay....
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June 2009
As of April 2009, all four barangays have endorsed their marine protected areas in the form of resolutions from the Barangay Fisheries and Aquatic Resource Management Councils (BFARMC) and from...
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January 2009
In June, 2008 Karen Peterson visited the site with field representative Ferdie Marcelo. Abundant seagrass is evident in the MPA. As of October 2008, all four communities had submitted village...
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