Pantudlan, Cabilao Island

January 2010

Renovation and conversion of a Spanish-era lighthouse into a Tourism Information Center, in exchange for the creation of an additional 50 acres of Marine Protected Area

Cabilao is one of the two islands in the Municipality of Loon in the westernmost municipality of Bohol Province in central Philippines. Marine resources abound in the waters surrounding Cabilao. Hammerhead sharks, pygmy seahorses, as well as hard and soft corals of various species have made the island a must-see, especially for scuba divers. At present, there are two marine protected areas (no-take zones) around the island. At Baluarte Point in the village of Pantudlan, a Spanish-era lighthouse has long been abandoned, and a modern solar-powered one was constructed beside it. Near this part of the island is the most frequented dive spot. Tourism-related activities are concentrated in and around this place, and the lighthouse is potentially an ideal venue for tourism information and a display area for local island products, if renovated and converted for this purpose. The lighthouse itself is an item of interest as it is a direct link to the island’s colonial past.

In exchange for funding from Seacology for the renovation and conversion of their lighthouse, Cabilao Island’s five villages will protect an additional 50 acres of marine area (an extension of 25 acres on each of the existing Marine Protected Areas) for at least 20 years.

Full or partial funding for this project provided by
Seacology Japan.
Project Updates
January 2015
After the lighthouse was damaged by an earthquake, Seacology approved a grant for repairs, which have been completed.
June 2011
According to project partner PROCESS Bohol, this project has been completed. The community inaugurated the refurbished lighthouse on May 18th; Field Representative Ferdie Marcelo attended the...
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January 2011
Renovation began in earnest last July under the supervision an architect from the National Historical Institute, to ensure that the original century-old structure will be preserved. The framing...
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June 2010
As of June 2010 field representative Ferdie Marcelo reports that since receiving Seacology funds in April, not much work has been done because of national and local elections. The project contact...
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