Malhiao, Cebu Island

June 2011

Construction of a boardwalk and viewing deck, in support of a 73-hectare (180-acre) mangrove area for 15 years.

Malhiao is one of 29 barangays (villages) in the municipality of Badian in the Philippines province of Cebu. Mangroves used to grow abundantly along the Tañon Strait coastline where Badian is located, but the trees have long been used as sources of housing materials, food, and fuel. Lately, the establishment of fish ponds has also contributed to the depletion of mangrove areas.

In Barangay Malhiao, a thick mangrove forest totaling 180 acres remains. The villagers have agreed to declare the whole mangrove area within their jurisdiction as a no-take zone. An organization of villagers calling themselves Malhiao Resource Management Multi-Purpose Cooperative (MRMMPC) has been set up to protect the mangrove forest. Management of the mangrove forest is being assisted by the barangay’s fisherfolk organizations through mangrove reforestation activities, including providing information to community residents on the importance of mangroves and the effects of cutting them, planting mangroves, as well as coastal clean-ups and guarding against poachers. Three mangrove species have been recorded in the area: Bakawan (Rhizophora stylosa), Bungalon/ Piapi (Avicennia marina), and Tangal (Ceriops tagal).

The organization is keen to promote nature tourism in the mangrove area so that the community will derive some economic benefit from it. They plan to construct a tourist information center, boardwalk, viewing deck, guardhouse and mangrove nursery. Funding has been identified to construct the tourist information center, guardhouse and nursery. Seacology is providing funds needed to construct a boardwalk and viewing deck.

Project Updates
June 2012
Despite the fact that construction began only last September due to heavy rains in the region, this project is almost done, with partner organization Tambuyog projecting the finish date to be...
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