Barangay Manamoc

January 2008

Solar power supply systems for schools and health centers, in support of a 267-acre marine protected area

The island-village of Barangay Manamoc has a total land area of 1,275 acres, with about 300 households and a population of about 1,900. The primary means of livelihood in the village are fishing, seaweed cultivation and farming, though many residents are employed by a nearby resort. The villagers worked for the establishment of a 267-acre Marine Protected Area in 2002; the mean hard coral cover has since risen from 18 percent to 25 percent.

In 2001, the village was finally given three diesel power generators. Operating and maintenance expenses have taken their toll in the form of reduced operating hours (five to six hours per day) and costlier electricity for the consumers, who in turn are decreasing their power consumption. The increasing cost of power makes it impossible for barangay public facilities to provide efficient and effective services to the community.

In exchange for a solar power supply system to provide clean, renewable electricity to community facilities (preschool, elementary, and high schools; training center; health center, and barangay hall), the barangay commits to support the Marine Protected Area for 20 years.

Full or partial funding for this project provided by
Seacology Germany.
Project Updates
December 2009
Seacology Field Representative Ferdie Marcelo reports that though coral was affected by a crown of thorns outbreak in the Cuyo group of islands last year, nevertheless, fish reportedly abounds.
June 2009
As of April 2009, all solar units installed in the barangay continue to benefit the community. The MPA remains protected by the community and encroachers were given a warning and were required to...
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January 2009
In June 2008 Karen Peterson visited the site with field representative Ferdie Marcelo. All solar units were installed and connected to equipment within the buildings. As of November 2008...
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May 2008
Twelve solar power system units were purchased and delivered between March and April 2008. As of late April, units had been installed at the Preschool, Community Training Center and at Manamoc...
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