Murcia, Negros Island

January 2008

Hydraulic ram pump water system, in support of the protection of 4,942 acres of forest

In 1992, the Philippines government identified “biologically important public lands that are habitats of rare and endangered species.” Unfortunately, very little community consultation occurred in the process, so there is scant, if any, grassroots support for some of the protected areas. One of the areas so designated is Negros Island in the Western Visayas Region. The Municipality of Murcia is located within the North Negros Forest Reserve and Mt. Kanlaon Natural Park. Illegal logging, slash-and-burn farming, and indiscriminate hunting persist as threats to the protected area.

Three barangays (villages) in the Municipality of Murcia – Barangays Canlandog, Santa Cruz, and Buenavista – are collectively willing to commit to protecting 4,942 acres of watershed forest adjacent to their villages for 30 years, in exchange for the installation of a hydraulic ram pump water system. The Alternative Indigenous Development Foundation, Inc. (AIDFI) will install hydraulic ram pumps to give the communities water for sanitation, hygiene, washing clothes, eating, and drinking.

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Project Updates
June 2010
Ferdie reports that the six ram pumps continue to operate, requiring only minimal maintenance. Water continued to flow despite the unusually dry season that just ended. Unfortunately, a few...
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July 2009
The project is now complete. A total of six ram pumps were placed in the four sites. The water systems include all components: impounding systems, diversion lines, catchments, ram pumps systems,...
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June 2009
The ram pumps in Barangay Calandog continue to work very well. In Barangay Sta. Cruz, the ram pumps were completed in January 2009. The ram pump installation in Barangay Buenavista went into full...
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January 2009
As of September 2008, installation of the pumps at Canlandog was complete and a maintenance team was trained. Plans for the rest of 2008 through March 2009 include installation and trainings at...
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May 2008
In February and March, the Alternative Indigenous Development Foundation (AIDFI) met with local government officers and held community meetings to discuss the details of the project. The Local...
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