Barangay San Pedro, Biri, Philippines

June 2007

Building for a Barangay-managed drugstore in exchange for the establishment of a 25-acre marine sanctuary for a minimum of 20 years

Barangay San Pedro is a coastal barangay (Filipino term for village or district) located in Biri, Northern Samar. Its population of 1,138 relies heavily on fishing for subsistence. Potable water is scarce and health services are very limited. The Center for Empowerment and Resource Development Inc. (CERD) is working with Barangay San Pedro in the implementation of a coastal resource management program. The barangay agreed to preserve 25 acres of marine habitat, locally known as Kapig-itan Reef, declaring it as a no-take zone for at least 20 years. A Barangay Resolution was enacted to this effect in February 2007, and is awaiting adoption by the Municipal Council. To improve health services in the barangay, the Department of Health will provide quality and affordable medicines under its Botika sa Barangay (Barangay Drugstore) program. In exchange for protecting and managing Kapig-itan Reef, Seacology will provide funding for a small building to house the barangay drugstore.

Project Updates
December 2009
As of December 2009 Ferdie Marcelo reports that medical supplies are being replenished with some regularity. The community deals with frequent typhoons by anticipating demand and stocking up...
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June 2009
As of April 2009 the Barangay Pharmacy is operational, but supplies are intermittent. Frequent typhoons hamper the regularity of medical supplies, and sometimes weeks pass before these are...
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May 2008
Construction began in March 2008 and all major work was complete as of April 2008. Local and adjoining community members, the local fisher folk organization, and the Barangay Council met during...
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December 2007
After elections took place in October 2007 the size of the marine sanctuary had to be reduced from 12 hectares (30 acres) to 10 hectares (roughly 24.7 acres). The project is scheduled to begin in...
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October 2007
The project has been put on hold until the newly elected municipal officials approve to establish the protected area. It is estimated that this will be done by the end of 2007.

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