Saavedra, Cebu, Philippines

November 2002

New guard post at Saavedra Fish Sanctuary

In 1996, the coastal fishing community of Saavedra worked with a local NGO to create a 20-acre marine sanctuary. Since then, the Saavedra Fisherman’s Association has guarded the sanctuary from fishing. The results have been great: The the area encompassing the sanctuary is rated as one of Cebu’s top diving destinations. But after years of exposure to the elements, the guard post at the sanctuary area has become dilapidated. It can no longer provide adequate shelter during rains.

Seacolog is funding construction of a new, permanent guardhouse for the Saavedra Fish Sanctuary. The Coastal Conservation and Education Foundation will monitor the progress of construction and disbursement of funds.

Project Updates
July 2004
The guardhouse was completed, and a dedication ceremony was held in April 2003. In addition to being used as a guard post for the fish sanctuary, the house has served as the venue for the Saavedra...
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