• June 2017

    Mangkadait Village

    Conservation benefit: Protection of 400-acre forest watershed for 20 years

    Community benefit: Installation of 10-kilometer, gravity-fed pipe to provide clean water supply

  • May 2009

    Mudung Abun, Borneo

    Conservation benefit: Support of 1,236 acres of watershed for 30 years

    Community benefit: Integrated community-based micro-hydro power system

  • June 2007

    Bario Asal and Arur Layun, Borneo

    Conservation benefit: Creation of a permanent 1,483-acre rainforest preserve

    Community benefit: Community-based micro-hydro power

  • July 2004

    Terian, Borneo

    Conservation benefit: Protection of a 107-acre watershed and integrated watershed management

    Community benefit: Community micro-hydro system

  • July 2001

    Long Lawen, Borneo, Malaysia

    Conservation benefit: Reduction of diesel pollution

    Community benefit: Micro-hydro energy system

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