Saubeba and Warmandi

January 2006

Conservation benefit: Creation of a 2,471-acre no-take leatherback turtle nesting beach and fringing forest reserve

Community benefit: Secondary and tertiary scholarships

Saubeba and Warmandi are tiny coastal villages located on the Birdhead peninsula of the New Guinea land mass, part of Indonesia. More than sixty percent of the villagers have never had any formal education, and less than three percent reach senior high school. The two villages are close to a globally important strip of beach that is known to host the largest remaining population of the highly endangered leatherback turtle.

Seacology will provide scholarship funding to enable five students to attend junior high school, five to attend senior high school or technical school, and three to attend teachers’ college. In exchange for scholarships, with the assistance of World Wildlife Fund Indonesia, Sorong, the villages will fully protect 280 acres of leatherback turtle nesting beach from feral animal predation and all turtle egg harvesting, and create a 160-acre no-take forest reserve bordering the beach. (This acreage  was later increased; see the October 2007 update).

This project was renewed in 2013. In exchange for the protection of a critical leatherback turtle nesting beach, Seacology will provide scholarships for seven more students. Find more info here.

Project Updates
February 2013
This project has been renewed! Starting in 2013, Seacology is providing scholarships for...
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June 2010
As of April 2010, a total of 13 students (3 junior high, 4 senior high and 6 at the university) continue in the scholarship program. In addition, some of the remaining funds are being used to...
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October 2009
There were remaining funds after three years of scholarships had been awarded (13 in 2006, 14 in 2007 and 14 in 2008). In addition to the scholarships, Seacology funds were also able to provide...
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June 2009
As of April 2009 a total of 14 students (5 junior high school, 4 senior high and 5 at the university) continue in the scholarship program and a final performance evaluation will take place in June...
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January 2009
As of November 2008, final exams showed increased academic performance for scholarship students. One recipient received a teaching certificate and plans to start teaching at a village school. A...
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October 2007
In August 2007, the village agreed to add an additional 2,031 acres of protected area to the original 440 acres. The larger protected area includes 25 kilometers of turtle nesting beach going 300...
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June 2007
As of April 2007, the local government subsidized a portion of the tuition. The village decided to use the extra funds to pay for the students to take an additional course in Math and English...
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January 2007
After three months of community-wide consultations and discussions, the first set of scholarships was distributed in July 2006. Thirteen families with students in junior and senior high school and...
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June 2006
Community consultations regarding the villages’ agreement of the protected areas, their determination of the distribution of the scholarships, and meetings with schools to set up the scholarship...
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