Saubeba, Warmandi & Wau

February 2013

Conservation benefit: Support of 267 acres of critical leatherback turtle nesting beach for three years

Community benefit: Full scholarships for seven students

Located on the northern coast of West Papua, Indonesia are three small villages: Saubeba, Warmandi, and Waru (population approximately 80) in the area known as Warmon. Villagers mainly engage in subsistence fishing and farming, but some work for local logging and mining companies near Warmandi village.

These villages are the traditional owners of beaches where endangered leatherback, hawksbill, olive ridley, and green sea turtles nest. The beaches cover a total of approximately 1,137 acres (460 hectares) along a 23-km shoreline. These beaches are officially part of the Abun Regional Marine Conservation Area, which offers a small amount of protection but little active management.

Protection of the Jamursba Medi turtle-nesting beach was successfully implemented over a five-year period, from 2006 to 2010. In return, during that time, Seacology gave scholarships to 22 students from Saubeba and Warmandi. These bright young people attended high school or college in the provincial capital of Manokwari or Sorong. The program turned out to be a very good way to secure active, village-wide participation in protecting the beaches from turtle egg predators and poachers.

A group of committed individuals who have been intimately involved in turtle research, conservation, and village outreach over the past few years propose to continue this partnership. All three villages on Jamursba Medi and Warmon beaches will agree to protect 267 acres (108 hectares) for three to five years. Five high school students and two college students will receive three years of full scholarships. Each year, the students’ report cards, as well as village compliance with the turtle nest protection agreement, will determine whether the scholarships are renewed.

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Project Updates
May 2015
Field representative Iona Soulsby reports that students are being supported in Saubeba and Warmandi. Permission to begin work on the turtle nesting beach at Jamursba Medi was granted in April; the...
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