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Tulaun, on Indonesia’s Sulawesi island, is a coastal village made up of 40 families. Along with nearby Tulap and Ranawangko villages, Tulaun owns part of an extensive strip of beach […]

Contoy Island

Contoy Island, near Cancún, is famous for its wildlife. More than 150 kinds of birds, including pelicans, petrels, frigatebirds, cormorants, cranes, flamingos, herons, and hawks, migrate through the island or […]

El Limón Lagoon

El Limón Lagoon is part of a system of lagoons on the coastal plain between the Cordillera Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. A short channel links this shallow lagoon to […]


Tulap Village in Indonesia is home to 1,240 people. With nearby Tulaun and Ranawangko, the village owns part of an extensive strip of beach that is critical nesting grounds for […]

La Playita

The white sands of La Playita are a major tourist attraction. In the seagrass off the beach, there are conch and other mollusks, crustaceans, and an abundance of fish. Manatees […]

Saubeba and Warmandi

Saubeba and Warmandi are tiny coastal villages on the Birdhead peninsula of the New Guinea land mass, part of Indonesia. More than sixty percent of the villagers have never had […]

Montecristo Island

The beaches of Montecristo Island are one of the main sea turtle nesting sites in El Salvador. Four species, all of them endangered, nest here: olive ridley, hawksbill, green, and […]