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Kiwayu islanders install new freshwater well, protect endangered sea turtles

January 21, 2014

In January, workers finished installing a new well on Kiwayu Island, helping the island’s 4,000 residents get easier access to freshwater. Since the photo above was taken, workers also sealed the top and installed a water pump.

The well is just one part of a project to help protect sea turtle habitat around the island, located off the Kenyan coast near the Somalia border. We’re also funding the construction of an office and additional bandas (traditional huts) to help the local Beach Management Unit protect the island’s coastal habitats, including sea turtle nesting sites.

Kiwayu Island is a popular spot for sea turtles of all kinds. Three species (green, hawksbill, and olive ridley) come to shore each year to lay eggs, while others (loggerhead and leatherback) visit its rich coral reef ecosystems to feed. The loggerhead, green, and hawksbill sea turtles are considered endangered species.