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Dive Curaçao, May 20, 2024
“Preserving Curaçao: The Seacology Island Conservation Mission”

Nature Today, February 16, 2024
“Queen Conch research shows promising results”

Radio New Zealand, January 4, 2024
“Legends and animals from the Cook Islands feature in new mural”


Cook Islands News, December 21, 2023
“From grey to glory: Stunning seawall mural captures Cook Islands’ essence”

Lemur Conservation Network, December 19, 2023
“Dr. Jonah Ratsimbazafy Wins the Seacology Prize!”

Cook Islands News, November 6, 2023
“Te Marae Moana’s ocean-themed mural project nears completion”

Listin Diario, October 26, 2023
“Apicultura en Las Calderas” (English translation here)

Cook Islands News, October 17, 2023
“Marae Moana art project creates more awareness”

Fiji Times, September 24, 2023
“Community hall in exchange for preservation of forest”

FBC News, September 20, 2023
“Seacology builds computer lab”

Fiji Times, September 20, 2023
“Deal for a ‘bright future”

The Travel, August 30, 2023
“10 Eco-Friendly Tour Companies You Should Know About”

Politiko Visayas, August 16, 2023
“Javelosa thanks Seacology for P1.5-M aid to fix mangrove island”

Philippine News Agency, August 14, 2023
“Sagay City mangrove island gets P1.5-M aid to improve facilities”

SunStar, August 14, 2023
“Improved spa, watchtower opened in Suyac Ecopark”

The Bonaire Reporter, July 5-26, 2023
“Restoring Lac’s Conch”, May 11, 2023
“Mangrove Eco-Tourism Project Uplifts Lives Of Sagay Island Folk”

Sustainable Jungle, May 7, 2023
“13 Eco-Tourism Companies To Help You Book Your Next Sustainable Adventure”

Cook Islands News, May 3, 2023
“New growth recorded for endemic Mitiaro species – Iniao”

Time Out, April 21, 2023
“14 sustainable travel companies you can feel good about booking with”

Rappler, February 4, 2023
“FAST FACTS: Things to know about Sibuyan Island, the ‘Galapagos of Asia”


Cook Islands News, December 14, 2022
“Marae Moana Community Outreach Team visits Aitutaki’s Araura College”

The Guardian, October 22, 2022
“‘My focus has shifted’: Kevin Iro on evolving from rugby league star to ocean advocate”

Cook Islands News, October 8, 2022
“Iro accepts 2022 Seacology Prize”

Pacific Media Network, September 23, 2022
“Big sea park lands big green prize”

Radio New Zealand, September 20, 2022
“Former Cooks rugby star gets environmental award”

New Zealand Herald, September 18, 2022
“League legend Kevin Iro behind world’s largest marine park in Cook Islands’ exclusive zone”

Urth Magazine, August 11, 2022
“5 Indigenous Environmental Activists You Must Know (and Amplify)”

Expo 2020 Dubai (2021-22)
Global Best Practice Programme Guide (pg. 31)

Diario Libre, July 25, 2022
“Inauguran exposición fotográfica “Manglar es vida” (English translation here)

Scuba Diving, July 1, 2022
“Island Ecosystem Advocate Duane Silverstein Named July Sea Hero”

Cook Islands News, May 11, 2022
“Nikao seawall mural continues to delight”

Island Times, April 19, 2022
“Seacology awards grant for marina improvement in Choll”

Deseret News, April 10, 2022
“Paul Alan Cox sees through a beaker, darkly. And he likes his view.”

Cook Islands News, April 10, 2022
“Eye-catching mural turns heads”

Cook Islands News, February 22, 2022
“Nikao Seawall gets facelift”, January 18, 2022
“First Phase Sabal Palm Park Opened”

Around the Corner from Nowhere: The Cook Islands Rediscovered
A Seacology project on Mangaia is mentioned in this book by former BBC journalist John Roberts.


Montgomery Botanical News, Fall/Winter, 2021
“Sabal Sanctuary: Helping the Rarest of Palms”

The Wellness Feed, November 8, 2021
“What It’s Like For Women In India Who Dive For ‘Eco Miracle’ Seaweed”

Cook Islands News, October 28, 2021
“Students get creative with designs”

Cook Islands News, October 9, 2021
“Partnering with traditional network to educate and raise awareness on Marae Moana”

Global Resilience Partnership, September 20, 2021
“Moving the Needle – Coastal Risk to Resilience” (republished at UNDRR PreventionWeb)

Multiple publications, July 27, 2021
“Grupo Jaragua y Seacology Presentan Campaña Educativa Oficial Manglares”

Read at Santiago Social, Santiago a Diario, Oriente Informativo, Informativo al Dia, Dominicano Ahora, Diario Digital RD, NOTIúltimas, Primicias, La Vega News, El Nuovo Diario

Geographical, July 26, 2021
“Saving mangrove forests in the Dominican Republic”

BBC Mundo, July 26, 2021
“Por qué los manglares son vitales para combatir el cambio climático (y cómo República Dominicana lucha por conservarlos)” (English translation here)

48° North, July 17, 2021
“Grateful for 360 Miles of (Type-Two) Fun”, July 1, 2021
“Lesser known and unappreciated seagrass struggles for attention, conservation”

Louder than the Storm, April 17, 2021
“How Seacology are Creating Real Change with the World’s Island Communities”

Misguided with Alex Coburn, March 27, 2021
“Island in the Sun” (Interview with Karen Peterson)


Be A Wave Maker: 24 Inspiring Stories About Ocean Protection
A chapter of this book by Vera Kruithof profiles 2018 Seacology Prize recipient Patricia Lamelas.

Around the Buoy, December 16, 2020
“EP 52: 11th Hour Racing and Clean Oceans” 

Mongabay, November 3, 2020
“Colombia: illegal parrotfish fishing puts Seaflower reefs in check” (translated)

Economynext, August 28, 2020
“Courts orders investigation into “wilful destruction” in Anawilundawa sanctuary”

Cook Islands News, August 21, 2020
“Into the teeth of the wind”

Cook Islands News, July 15, 2020
“Marae Moana receives $160k grant”

Planetary Health Alliance, June 18, 2020
“Coastal Conservation Takes Root”

Icarus Complex Magazine, June 16, 2020
“Resilience is about learning to thrive under uncertainty”

New Internationalist, April 14, 2020
“Saving Rivers, Saving Lives”

CNN, February 6, 2020
“How Sri Lanka’s mangrove forests can save lives”

Commonwealth Club of California podcast, January 8, 2020
“Henry Puna, Prime Minister, The Cook Islands” (moderated by Seacology’s Duane Silverstein)

New Indian Express, January 6, 2020
“Tamil Nadu local body polls: Seaweed collector to Panchayat union”


Nota Quinto, December 15, 2019
“Riquezas de las islas del Queguay”, December 8, 2019
“8 California Organizations with an International Reach”

The Guardian, November 26, 2019
“‘Lobsters and octopuses are back’: the Kenyan women leading a reef revival”

Dayak Daily, October 1, 2019
“Sarawakian first as SAVE Rivers chairman wins Seacology prize”

The Bigger Picture, September 30, 2019
“Saving Rivers, Saving Lives”

Gulf News, September 28, 2019
“EXPO 2020 selects 25 innovative projects”

Astro Awani, September 26, 2019
“Consider This: Meet SAVE Rivers’ Peter Kallang”

Aliran, September 25, 2019
“Save Rivers’ Peter Kallang wins 2019 Seacology Prize”

Borneo Post, September 23, 2019
“Peter Kallang honoured with 2019 Seacology Prize”

Mongabay, September 22, 2019
“Sri Lanka wields mangroves, its tsunami shield, against climate change”

BBC World, September 20, 2019
“Award for man who stopped a mega-dam and saved Borneo’s rainforest”

Ecologist, September 6, 2016
“Remembering Gina Lopez”

Inquirer, August 31, 2019
“Gina Lopez: ‘She was a dynamo of love and compassion”

Inquirer, August 25, 2019
Out-of-the-box warrior”

Manila Bulletin, August 23, 2019
“She Jousted With Windmills”

ABS-CBN News, August 20, 2019
“One midnight in autumn, I met Gina Lopez”

Asparagus Magazine, Summer/Fall 2019
“Protecting Forests by Building Schools: How a California non-profit makes deals to protect island habitats”

Earth Island Journal, May 8, 2019
“The Bridge Between Land and Sea”

Deutsche Welle, May 6, 2019
“The war widows protecting Sri Lanka’s mangroves”

ABS CBN News, March 26, 2019
“Batangas towns strive to balance tourism with coral reefs protection”

Borneo Post, January 16, 2019
“SAVE Rivers completes micro hydro project at Long Liam “

El Nacional, January 14, 2019
“Seacology Award 2018 awarded”

Diario Libre, January 12, 2019
“Heroine of the RD mangroves receives award”

Diario Hispaniola, January 12, 2019
“Seacology 2018 awards”

Primicias, January 11, 2019
“Heroine of the Caribbean mangroves Receives Seacology Award 2018”

Economist Intelligence Unit study, January 2019
“Degradation of marine ecosystems”


Philippines Tatler, December 27, 2018
“50 Eco Warriors You Should Know”

Travel With Chatura, October 27, 2018
“Travel with Chatura @ Mangrove Museum කඩොලාන කෞතුකාගාරය 27 10 2018”

Listín Diario, October 25, 2018
“Premio Seacology 2018 Para La Dominicana Patricia Lamelas”

Hoy, October 12, 2018
“Dominicana receives prize for contributions in Bahía de Samaná” [translated]

United Nations Climate Change, September 26, 2018
“15 Projects Win 2018 UN Climate Action Award”

The New York Times, September 21, 2018
“Culture and Conservation Beneath the Sea”

RE.THINK, August 23, 2018
“Building resilience one mangrove forest at a time”

Colombo Telegraph, August 3, 2018
“The Value Of Mangroves: Ecological Services Of Mangroves In Sri Lanka”

El Isleño, July 2018
“Jardineros del arrecife”

Semana Sostenible, June 19, 2018
“The struggle to save the parrotfish, the guardian of the coral reefs of Colombia” (translated)

Devdiscourse, June 10, 2018
“Parrotfish are key to save coral reefs of Providencia, Colombia”

The Guardian, June 8, 2018
“The week in wildlife—in pictures”

El Espectador, June 8, 2018
“Protect the parrotfish, the key to saving the coral reefs of Providencia” (translated)

Dive Magazine, June 8, 2018
“Columbian Caribbean Island of Providencia to Protect Parrotfish to Save Coral Reefs”

El Isleño, June 8, 2018
“They launch a campaign to protect the ‘parrot fish’ in Providencia” (translated)

BBC Newsroom, June 8, 2018
[World Oceans Day interview about Providencia, Colombia project]

Peatlands International, May 18, 2018
“Taking Action for Curlew”

The National (Papua New Guinea), May 8, 2018
“Clinic to benefit hundreds of East New Britain villagers”

El Espectador
“Garbage, terrible business”

Diario Correo
“Patronato Turistico de Puerto Pizarro abre las puerta de la Casa del Manglar en Tumbes”

Manila Bulletin, April 22, 2018
“Earth Lady: Gina Lopez shares her profound love for the environment”

Sunday Times Sri Lanka, April 20, 2018
“Sri Lanka to give leadership for Mangrove Conservation in Commonwealth countries”

Hudson Valley One, April 5, 2018
“Learn about ethnobotany and new ALS & Alzheimer’s treatments at SUNY-Ulster”

Earth Island Journal, Spring 2018
“Love Is a Force for Change”

New Internationalist, January 22, 2018
Gina Lopez fights Philippine mining


Philippine Star, December 7, 2017
Gina Lopez wins Seacology award

Manila Bulletin, December 6, 2017
California-based conservation group recognizes Gina Lopez for untiring environmental advocacy

Manila Bulletin, December 6, 2017
This lady isn’t for turning…

Atin Ito, December 5, 2017
Gina Lopez wins Seacology Prize

ABS CBN News, December 5, 2017
Here’s why Gina Lopez won top award in environment protection

Ecologist, December 1, 2017
Meet the woman drumming up resistance against mining companies and future typhoons in the Philippines

The Better India, November 20, 2017
These Saree-Clad Women Divers Protect Rameshwaram’s Coast While Making a Living!

Coconuts Manila, October 23, 2017
Despite rejection as environmental secretary, Gina Lopez continues campaign vs open-pit mines

Good News Pilipinas, October 19, 2017
Gina Lopez bags Int’l prize for championing islands ecosystems

Geographical, October 19, 2017
I’m a Geographer—Gina Lopez: Environmental activist in the Philippines

ABS-CBN News, October 11, 2017
Filipina wins top prize for work in protecting Philippine environment

Politiko —, October 10, 2017
Achieve! Gina Lopez wins Seacology Prize, $10K for environmental drive

The Philippine Daily Inquirer, October 10, 2017
Lopez wins US-based Seacology Prize; reflects on her time in gov’t

The Manila Times, October 10, 2017
Gina Lopez’s Seacology Prize

The Philippine Star, October 8, 2017
Gina wins honor after CA rejection

Yale Environment 360, October 5, 2017
How an Activist Minister in Philippines Took On the Mining Barons

Friday Magazine, September 15, 2017
The breathtaking life of a seaweed collector

CNN Travel, August 3, 2017
Explore the unexpected beauty of Sri Lanka’s mangroves

Market Business News, July 31, 2017
Mangrove forests disappearing faster than average forest loss

Chicago Tribune, June 23, 2017
Climate concerns fuel more travel to fragile corners of the world

Devex, June 19, 2017
Lessons on conservation from ‘the land of eternal mangroves’

AFAR, May 26, 2017
To Combat Climate Change, Sri Lanka Protects Its Mangroves

La Verdad, May 18, 2017
Projects launch on Contoy Island and Holbox (translated)

MAP News, April 2017
(newsletter item)

Devex, March 21, 2017
Why the momentum for mangroves?

The Source Magazine, March 20, 2017
Water Window Challenge winners announced

Colombo Page, March 17, 2017
U.S. nonprofit organization Seacology wins $1 million grant for Sri Lanka mangrove conservation project

East Bay Times, March 17, 2017
Berkeley conservation group wins $1 million grant for Sri Lanka project (reposted at Daily Mirror)

Santa Cruz Sentinel, March 16, 2017
Earth Matters: Conservation group’s winning strategy to protect island communities

East Bay Times, March 14, 2017
Berkeley conservation group seeks support for Chile project

Geographical, January 23, 2017
Duane Silverstein: mangrove conservationist

Resurgence & Ecologist Magazine, November/December, 2016
Sri Lanka protects mangrove forests

Playacar Magazine, Oct 24, 2016
Entrevista Marisol Rueda Flores

Southwest Magazine, September 2016
Flying foxes, Caribbean Monkeys, a tiny laboratory in a Wyoming cabin, and a young Mormon missionary who became a Samoan Chief before pursuing one of life’s greatest medical mysteries

Devex, September 15, 2016
Ocean conservation starts — but doesn’t stop — with communities

SciDevNet, August 18, 2016
Sri Lankan mangroves respond to conservation plan

The Holiday Place, August 10, 2016
Sri Lankans work together to save native mangroves

Diario Roatán, August 8, 2016
Island ecologist receives the “Seacology 2016” award (translated)

Kensington, Chelsea & Westminster Today, August 4, 2016
Sri Lanka leads the world in Mangrove conservation

Sri Lanka News Live, August 4, 2016
Mangrove conservation to success

Reuters, August 3, 2016
Sri Lanka success whets international appetite for mangrove conservation [via Reuters, Dhaka Tribune, Gulf Times, The Hindu, Yahoo! news]

inshorts, July 29, 2016
World’s first mangrove museum opens in Sri Lanka

Care2, July 28, 2016
Mangroves Deserve a Global Day of Celebration

Hiru News, July 28, 2016
President launches mangrove conservation program uplifting coastal communities

Ledger Independent, July 28, 2016
Photos: Sri Lanka once destroyed its mangroves. Now, it’s trying to save them

Lonely Planet, July 28, 2016
Sri Lanka opens world’s first mangrove museum

Mother Nature Network, July 27, 2016
Battered mangroves find reprieve in Sri Lanka with new conservation plan

PMD News, July 27, 2016
President opens Mangrove Museum

The Sunday Times Sri Lanka, July 27, 2016
President declared opens Mangrove museum

Associated Press, July 26, 2016
Sri Lanka prime minister: Mangroves curb climate threat [republished at ABC, Belfast Telegraph, China Daily Asia, Daily Mail,, KTAR, Philadelphia Enquirer, San Francisco Chronicle, Seattle Times, Washington Post, WRAL]

Baltimore Sun, July 26, 2016
Protecting the mangrove forests of Sri Lanka

BBC News, July 26, 2016
Sri Lanka prime minister: Mangroves curb climate threat

ColomboPage, July 26, 2016
Sri Lanka President launches Mangrove Conservation Program uplifting coastal communities

ESPA, July 26, 2016
World Mangrove Day – A Blog!

Eye TV, July 26, 2016
Sri Lanka local TV newscast

Eye TV, July 26, 2016
Rise & Shine

The Guardian, July 26, 2016
Mangroves and incomes flourish as Sri Lanka’s women promote conservation – in pictures

Mongabay, July 26, 2016
Sri Lanka set to become first nation to protect all mangroves

Mongabay, July 26, 2016
On World Mangrove Day, 9 things to know about these tough plants

Sri Lanka News Live, July 26, 2016
President to open world’s first Mangrove Museum

WISTV, July 26, 2016
Leading the fight against climate change: California nonprofit, Seacology, marks big successes in Sri Lanka on World Mangrove Day

UNDP, May 16, 2016
Wanang Conservation Area Awarded Equator Prize in Madang

Eye TV, Mar 17, 2016
Rise and Shine: Seacology’s Karen Peterson and Aaron Rashba and Sudeesa’s Dr. Herath Dissananayake discuss progress


Times of India, December 26, 2015
Seacology prize winner from Ramanathapuram donates Rs 2 lakh to school

Eye TV (video), Oct 28, 2015
Rise and Shine: Seacology’s Leela Padmini Batuwitage and Karen Peterson on Saving Sri Lanka’s Mangroves

India-West, Oct 20, 2015
Seacology Names Lakshmi Moorthy ‘Island Conservationist of the Year’

The Hindu, Oct 15, 2015
Honoured Seaweed Collector Given Rousing Reception

Webindia123, Oct 12, 2015
Seacology prize Winner to be Felicitated by National Fish Workers

News Today, Oct 7, 2015
TN Woman Gets US Prize for Protecting Sea Life

Webindia123, Oct 6, 2015
Lakshmi Bags Seacology Award

The Hindu, Sept 4, 2015
Seaweed Collector Wins Environment Award

Eye TV (video), July 17, 2015
Rise and Shine: Seacology and Sudeesa Representatives on Sri Lanka’s “Rise and Shine” Morning Show

Christian Science Monitor, July 15, 2015
Women Lead Effort to Protect Sri Lanka’s Mangroves, June 26, 2015
Mangroves Against Monsoons

Mother Nature Network, June 23, 2015
Women Lead Fight in the Poaching War

Inter Press Service, June 17, 2015
From Residents to Rangers: Local Communities Take Lead on Mangrove Conservation in Sri Lanka

FloodList, June 16, 2015
Sri Lanka’s Comprehensive Mangrove Protection Project

Dhaka Tribune, June 16, 2015
We Need Our Mangroves

The Alternative (India), June 13, 2015
Mother Of All Plans to Save Sri Lanka’s Mangroves

Huffington Post, June 9, 2015
Save the Mangroves

Reuters, June 8, 2015
Women to Power Sri Lanka’s Mangrove Conservation Plan, June 4, 2015
Sri Lanka Becomes First Country to Completely Protect Mangroves

NewsBeat Social, June 1, 2015
Sri Lanka Announces New Initiative to Protect Mangroves

Youngzine, June 1, 2015
Sri Lanka Protects Its Mangroves

ABS CBN News, May 31, 2015
A Lesson from Sri Lanka on Saving Mangroves

Triple Pundit, May 28, 2015
Why Sri Lanka’s Historic Mangroves Move Matters

Georgia College Front Page, May 20, 2015
Students Explore Ecology, Build Community Partnerships on San Salvador Island, May 18, 2015
Sri Lanka: How it Managed To Be the First Nation in the World to Protect All the Mangroves

ClimateWire, May 18, 2015
Sri Lanka Becomes First Nation to Place All Mangroves Under Protection</a

KCBS Radio, May 17, 2015
[segment 1] [segment 2]

The Island, May 14, 2015
Sri Lanka to be world’s first state to protect mangrove forests

Sri Lanka television network, May 13, 2015
[Mangrove project featured on Sri Lanka National News], May 13, 2015
Sri Lanka initiative to replenish mangroves, fish populations

BBC World Service (audio), May 13, 2015
Sri Lanka Mangroves: Preservation Agreement

The Hindu, May 13, 2015
Mission Mangroves in Sri Lanka

IFL Science, May 12, 2015
Sri Lanka Becomes First Nation To Protect All Of Its Mangrove Forests

ColomboPage, May 12, 2015
Sri Lanka becomes world’s first nation to comprehensively protect all of its mangrove forest

Geographical Magazine, May 12, 2015
Saviours of Sri Lanka’s Mangroves [reprinted at Dive Magazine]

The Guardian, May 12, 2015
Sri Lanka to Become the First Nation in the World to Protect All Its Mangroves

New Scientist, May 12, 2015
Sri Lanka First Nation to Promise Full Protection of Mangroves

BBC Science, May 12, 2015
Sri Lanka First Nation to Protect All Mangrove Forests

Jamaica Observer, April 24, 2015
C-CAM building wildlife centre in Clarendon

BBC Science in Action, April 16, 2015
Seacology Field Representative Erik Patel and 2010 Seacology Prize winner Rabary Desiré discuss efforts to curb illegal rosewood harvest and lemur poaching on Madagascar

Le Monde des Fondations, January-April, 2015 (in French)
“Le Prix Du Prince Pour La Philanthropie Innovante a Yuva Unstoppable”, February 5, 2015
“Monacan prince awards native Utah scientist for rainforest conservation”

Gotham Magazine, January 28, 2015
“Why Alexandra Richards Cares About Oceanic Conservation”, January 21, 2015
“‘One Night, One Ocean’: Making a difference for the ocean’s future”

New York Daily News, January 16, 2015

Ushuaia Noticias, January 1, 2015
“The Laguna de los Patos Have New Trail and Signage”

Virgin Australia Voyeur, January 2015
“Sea Change”


Tiempo Fueguino, Dec 31, 2014
“The City Opens New Path and Posters in Laguna de los Patos”

KPFA Radio, Nov 17, 2014
“Africa Today”

San Francisco Examiner, Oct 9, 2014
“Good Day!”

KPFA Radio, Sep 15, 2014
“Africa Today”

Daily Mail, Aug 13, 2014
“British Adventurers Dodge Sharks, Storms and Drug Smugglers During 380 Mile Trek off Panama Coast to Break World Paddleboarding Record”

SUP Connect, May 7, 2014
“English Paddlers Set Adventure Prone Paddling World Record In Panama”

Marina Live, May 7, 2014
“Seacology are Saving the World’s Most Endangered Turtles”

Alert Diver Magazine, Winter 2014
“Saving the world one island at a time”

Surfers Village, March 14, 2014
“Northcore Gets Their Hands Dirty in Panama Conservation Projects”


Fiji Sun, Dec 8 2013
“Teacher quarters for Nukubalavu kindy”

X-ray, September 2013
“Tubbataha Reef—The Crown Jewel of Philippines Diving”

New York Times, Sept 12 2013
“At the End of Eden, Rustic Tranquillity”

Scuba Diving Magazine, July 2013
“Hand in Hand: Seacology plants a kindergarten in the middle of a blossoming Raja Ampat no-take zone”

MSN Causes, April 16, 2013
“Ecotourism’s many shades of green”

The New Today (Grenada), Feb 4 2013
“FirstCaribbean Works with Seacology”


Baltimore Sun, December 14, 2012
“Lemur researcher works to save endangered species”

Islands Magazine, December 2012
“Swim With Giants in Tonga”, November 27, 2012
“10 Places for Travelers to Donate on #GivingTuesday” Dot Earth, September 5, 2012
“Close Encounters with Homo Sapien’s Closet Kin” Dot Earth, July 16, 2012
“More on Coral Reefs and Resilience or Ruination”

Bahamas Press, May 16 2012
“New Iguana Conservation Facility Opens on San Salvador”

Islands Magazine, May 2012
“Ready to Rumble”

Jamaican Information Service, April 23, 2012
“Agriculture Ministry taking Measures to Protect Coastal Resources “

Fox Business, April 20, 2012
“Best Credit Cards for Going Green”

Vogue, April 20, 2012
“Green Matters: Earth Day Beauty Initiatives”

Manila Times, Feb 25, 2012
“Seacology”, Jan 8, 2012
“Three Caribbean Islands to Benefit from Conservation Projects”


Hospitality Jamaica, Nov 15, 2011
“Oracabessa Fish Sanctuary”

Cook Island News, October 12, 2011
“Seacology Helps One Island At A Time “

For Global People (blog), October 12, 2011
“Pak Irman: A Global Leader”

Cook Island News, Sept 6, 2011
“First Raui Signs Up in Muri”

Zwazo, Aug 13, 2011
“Sustainable Livelihoods for Island Women”

Save Philippine Seas, Aug 11, 2011
“Seacology’s Mangrove Covenant with Malhiao, Cebu”

Antigua Daily Observer, Jun 9, 2011
“Cardboard Baler Now Part of Waste Recycling Plant”

GPN, May 5, 2011
“GPN Community Raise Over $24,000 for Seacology Project”, April 25, 2011
“Wruck Diving in the Philippines”

Alert Diver, April 13, 2011
“Conserving Island & Coral Reef Biodiversity”

ARKive blog, April 12, 2011
“Spotlight on: Seacology”

Lemur News, March 31, 2011
“Madagascar conservationist wins international environmental prize”

Duke University Spirit, March 24, 2011
“DLC Visit by Erik Patel and Dire Rabary”

Islands Magazine, March 24, 2011
Save An Acre ad

Cornelia Funke, March 22, 2011
“Well-known German Author Features Seacology”

Megayacht News, Feb 5, 2011
“The Superyacht 6: 6 Ocean-Oriented Charities to Support”

Southbank International School, Jan 18, 2011
“Seacology Island Scholar”, Jan 3, 2011
“Not your average yard work”


Islands Magazine, Dec 17, 2010
“Save a Rainforest for $40 this Holiday Season”

Positive People, Dec 1, 2010
“Madagascan Islander Awarded for Heroic Conservation Effort”

Local ABC7 News – the Morning Link, Nov 12, 2010
“Seacology expedition to Tonga”

Huffington Post, Nov 9, 2010
“10 Smart Travel Ideas That Do Good”, Oct 27, 2010
“Mr. Rabary Desire established his own private conservation area in Madagascar and won a Prize”

Duke University, Oct 15, 2010
“Lemur play is on solid ground”

The Star Online, Oct 2, 2010
“A couple of visionaries”, Sept 22, 2010
“Top 10 Natural and Wildlife Adventure Travel Tips”

Undercurrent, Sept 1, 2010
“Save the Whale Sharks”

Undercurrent, Sept 2010
“Superheroes of the Deep”

Cook Islands News, Aug 19, 2010
“Muri Meeting House Reopened”

Madagascar Matin N° 0341, Aug 12, 2010
“The Seacology 2010 Prize to Rabary Desiré”

Gadling, June 21, 2010
“Win a Seacology Expedition with Trazzler!”, June 14, 2010
“All-Stars Among Us Creating Change”

Trade Only Today, March 25, 2010
“A partnership for island preservation”

Sydney Morning Herald, March 13, 2010
“Becoming castaways: how to rent a private island”

Radio Netherlands Worldwide, Jan 29, 2010
“Bartering for Conservation”

Ocean Geographic, Jan 15, 2010
“Local Stakeholders Save Biodiversity in the Philippines”, 2010
“Island expeditions with Seacology”


Salt Lake Tribune, Dec 22, 2009
“Eagle Mountain reaches out to American Samoa”

Cook Island News, Nov 20, 2009
“Manihiki Gets Clean Water from Raui Deal”

Center for Tropical Forest Science, Nov 3, 2009
“Seacology Prize awarded to Filip Damen, CTFS partner in Papua New Guinea”

Islands Business, Nov 1, 2009
“An Island Hero”

The National, Oct 30, 2009
“Filip Damen: An island hero”

Papua New Guinea Post-Courier, Oct 19, 2009
“Villager Wins World Award”

Salt Lake Tribune, Oct 8, 2009
“McEntee: Is wisdom one of the casualties in Samoa?”

ABC 7, Sept 24, 2009
“ABC 7 Salutes Seacology”

Ocean Geographic, Sept 14, 2009
“Seychelles: Template for Conservation”

Zwazo, Aug 19, 2009
“Two Thumbs-Up for Seychelles Conservation”

The Jakarta Post, July 29, 2009
“RI, home to one of the healthiest marine environments on earth”

Ocean Geographic, July 6, 2009
“Preserving Our Oceans The Seacology Way”

Sport Diver, July 2009
“A Mooring Mission”

Sport Diver, June 2009
“Brothers in Arms”

Mother Nature Network, April 14, 2009
“Escape to India’s paradise lost”

OceanHome, April 8, 2009
“Seacology Spends Wisely to Protect Island Biodiversity, With Impressive Results”

Ocean Geographic, April 2009
“Red Sea: Anchors Away”

East Bay Express, March 4, 2009
“Seacology Builds Schools to Save the Planet”

Deseret News, January 22, 2009
“Oceans need our protection, author-explorer tells Utahns”

Ocean Geographic, January 15, 2009
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