• February 2019

    Toloa Rainforest Reserve

    Conservation benefit: Protecting and restoring 52 acres of the Toloa Rainforest Reserve for 20 years

    Community benefit: Information and Education Center

  • February 2017

    ‘Atata Island

    Conservation benefit: Support of 440-acre fish habitat reserve for 15 years

    Community benefit: Rebuilding of community center, alternative livelihood program

  • January 2012


    Conservation benefit: Support of 531 acres of Fish Habitat Reserve for 10 years

    Community benefit: Refurbishment a community hall and its facilities; and new bathroom, water tank, gutters and furnishings

  • July 2010


    Conservation benefit: Support of the protection of two Fish Habitat Reserves, totaling 368 acres, for 10 years

    Community benefit: Refurbishment of an existing community hall and its facilities

  • September 1999

    Vava’u Island

    Conservation benefit: Construction of mooring buoys

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